‘The Voice’: Cam Anthony, Blake Shelton Take Victory in Season 20 Finale

by Keeli Parkey

Only a few hopeful performers went into the 20th season finale episode of “The Voice” on Tuesday (May 25). However, only one of them emerged victoriously.

That winning artist was 19-year-old Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, native Cam Anthony. He was coached by country music star Blake Shelton in the popular singing competition. Also, this was the eighth time an artist coached by Shelton has won “The Voice.”

Coming in second place was Kenzie Wheeler. He was coached by Kelly Clarkson.

Among the finalists were two artists who have been coached this season by country music star Blake Shelton. These finalists are Jordan Matthew Young and Cam Anthony.

Also, the other three finalists included Wheeler, as well as contestants Rachel Mac and Victor Solomon. Mac has been coached by Nick Jonas this season. Solomon was coached by John Legend.

Jordan Matthew Young took third place. Rachel Mac finished in fourth place. Victor Solomon finished in fifth place.

Cam Anthony Thanked Blake Shelton for His Help During This Season of ‘The Voice’

Before the winner of the 20th season of “The Voice” was announced, the five finalists also had the opportunity to address their coaches directly and share just how much their time working together has helped them.

“Well, Blake, we’ve talked about this before – how unlikely this pairing was,” Cam Anthony said to his coach. “And, um, honestly, this has been the time of my life just being able to explore my artistry on this show. And, have as much fun with it as possible.”

Anthony also said he was grateful to Blake Shelton for his guidance.

“I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to take that on as my, you know, my personal job,” Anthony added. “And, I would say over the time that I have been doing music, I haven’t really been given the option to explore it in that way. So, I just appreciate you …”