‘The Voice’ Coach Kelly Clarkson Used as Clue on Monday Night’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Episode

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday, pop star Kelly Clarkson and her talk show were left humbled and thrilled that Jeopardy! used them as a clue on last night’s episode.

During Monday night’s game show, Jeopardy! contestants faced the “DAYTIME TV” category as one of their six choices in the second round. A contestant named Justin chose the $800 square in the category, which host Mayim Bialik read aloud.


Another contestant named Angelica had a rough go of it yesterday on the game show. You’ve got to feel bad for any competitor who has to face current champion Matt Amodio who is on a historic win streak. Angelica may have had $0 well into the second round. But she got on the board when she buzzed in and answered, “Who is Kelly Clarkson?”

Clarkson isn’t just a pop singer. She’s a coach on the singing competition show The Voice as well. Additionally, in late 2019, she became the host of her own daytime talk show – The Kelly Clarkson Show on NBC. The talk show has done so well that the network is promoting it to another time slot in 2022. The Kelly Clarkson Show will take over for the Ellen show when it comes to an end next year.

Further, as the Jeopardy! clue mentioned, Kelly Clarkson won an Emmy for her hosting role on the talk show. The show’s Twitter account shared a clip from the game show last night, and shared their excitement for being a clue. As big of an honor as it is to win an Emmy, being a Jeopardy! clue might just trump the award.

Kelly Clarkson Trolls Fellow ‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton in Behind the Scenes Clip

Earlier today, Kelly Clarkson posted a clip to Instagram that showed a hilarious exchange between herself and fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton. In the short behind-the-scenes video, she amusingly trolls Shelton for not knowing her middle name.

In her candid post, Shelton tells Clarkson good night. The Voice coach then tells the country star, “Good night, Blake Tollison Shelton.” She follows that up by betting Shelton $500 over whether or not he can recall her middle name. The country star didn’t fare so well when he answered “Your real name? Is it Roland?”

Clarkson responded with disgust at first before joking, “You don’t know it. See? I’m the nicer one.” She also added a lighthearted caption to her Instagram post and pointed out the positives of Shelton not knowing her middle name.

“At least I get to keep that $500 @BlakeShelton,” Kelly Clarkson wrote on Instagram. 

Clarkson joined The Voice as the show’s newest coach in the singing competition’s 14th season. Shelton is the only coach left over who has been on the show since its debut. The pair are good friends who share a competitive relationship on the show, which makes for some great banter while on stage. The clip is just one more example of it.