‘The Voice’ Coach Nick Jonas Reveals His Feelings on Fellow Coaches on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that Nick Jonas is not returning as a coach for The Voice’s season 21, the boy bandmate and actor made a special appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show to chat about his experience on the competition show. 

During his latest interview with fellow The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson on her talk show, Nick Jonas states he’s now way more relaxed about giving Kelly and other judges criticism. “Yeah, I now view all of you like my brothers and sister. So, I don’t really care.”

“No one has feelings,” Kelly interjects. Nick Jonas further comments, “Just going to let it go and take you guys down a notch.”

Nick Jonas appeared as a new coach in season 18 before replacing him the following season. He then returned for season 20. Ariana Grande is now set to replace him for season 21 this fall. Kelly, Blake, and John are set to return as coaches for the upcoming season.

Nick Jonas Talks His First Season of ‘The Voice’ As Coach 

While also chatting with Kelly, Nick Jonas discusses his first season as a judge on The Voice. “I didn’t know if I was going to offend anyone. There’s always that line,” Nick explains.

Nick Jonas then says that Kelly, along with other judges Blake Shelton and John Legend are difficult to offend. There have been a few things – can’t remember exactly which things – but times where it was like, ‘Oh, that stung a little too much!’ But you just let it go.”

“I obviously love doing [The Voice] with you guys and working with these incredible artists. But I learned a lot from the first season,” Nick Jonas also states. “We’re coaches, sure, but I think the thing that’s so cool is that we also learn so much in the process about ourselves and the artists we’re working with.”

Nick Offers Ariana Grande Some Coaching Advice

Nick Jonas previously shared his thoughts on Ariana Grande becoming a coach with the other coaches. “I mean Ariana – as we all know – is one of the best singers in the game and she’s gonna be an incredible coach.”

Nick Jonas also offered Grande some advice on how how to handle the coaching role. “I think the only advice I would give is just not to trust any one of you.” John Legend then says that he and the other coaches have been feeding her some advice.

Legend then says that Grande watches the show so she’s not unfamiliar with the coaching concepts. “Let’s hope I don’t step on her,” Blake Shelton jokes, “She looks so tiny on there.” 

The Voice is set to return this fall on Tuesday nights for the upcoming season.