‘The Voice’ Coaches Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, and John Legend Share Their Wildest Animal Encounter

by Keeli Parkey

The famous and talented coaches of “The Voice” had a pretty interesting conversation during their recent appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

The discussion began with an exchange between Blake Shelton and Clarkson regarding an interesting animal-related experience he had.

“I saw you just had an incident with a possum. Um, what happened?” Clarkson asked Shelton.

“Uh, I did,” Shelton said. “I was at the house in Oklahoma and I was just, I was there by myself and I just grilled something on the grill. And, I got it out and I was cool off and I went back to get it and it’s a d*** possum over there.”

While Shelton described the incident, a video he captured of the creature eating his dinner played.

“Look! Eating my … I actually grilled some fish,” “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton added. “I was like, ‘Hey, man.'”

Even though this judge from the “The Voice” was initially upset at the possum for its intrusion on his dinner, the two eventually became friends.

“Later I got to, I don’t know if you all have the video, I ended up petting it and hanging out with it,” Blake Shelton also said. “… I wasn’t grilling a possum. Look at it, he likes me.”

Learning about Shelton’s encounter with his new possum friend prompted Kelly Clarkson to ask her fellow coach on “The Voice” a pretty serious question.

“Real quick question: Have you ever heard rabies?” Clarkson asked Shelton.

In typical Blake Shelton fashion, his next comment was a joke.

“Well, you’re probably not going to air the next video,” he joked. Clarkson reacted with shock at this statement. “Oh, what,” she exclaimed.

Possum Encounter by Blake Shelton of ‘The Voice’ Prompted His Fellow Coaches to Share Their Animal Stories

Blake Shelton’s possum story prompted Clarkson to ask her fellow coaches on “The Voice” about their wild animal encounters. She first turned to John Legend to share his story.

“Well, the scariest time – we were in Tanzania, East Africa,” Legend said. “And, a black mamba, which is a snake – is deadly. I did not see this black mamba, but everyone who was with me saw it near me and I had – didn’t see it. I was walking the other way, but I was close enough to it that it could have bitten me. But, I escaped it. And then, everyone one was like, ‘John, did you just see that black mamba?”

Nick Jonas had an encounter with a different type of wild animal.

“I got chased by a pack of coyotes one,” he said. “… Yeah, so I was just coming out of a movie theater. This is in Los Angeles. … so I’m walking and I see these eyes in the dark and I see about six more sets of eyes. And, they take off running after me. So, I go full sprint. … about half a mile to my house. Jump they fence and they’re all at the fence. … it was quite frightening.”

The story by Nick Jonas left his fellow judges in doubt about what did occur that night. And, he finally admitted his memory might have been altered.

“No one else was with me,” Jonas said. “I can’t be sure that is what happened.”

This made his fellow judges burst out into laughter.

You can watch the coaches of “The Voice” talk about their wild animal encounters on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” below.