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‘The Voice’: Meet Ethan Lively, Impressive 17-Year-Old Country Singer on Team Blake Shelton

by Jon D. B.
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Saddle up, folks, the deep, gravelly voice on 17-year-old Ethan Lively will make even your grandpappy blush. Meet The Voice‘s most surprising new country artist.

Who’s under the legal drinking age, from the Volunteer State, and can croon country classics with the best of them? Why, it’s Season 20‘s surprisingly young Ethan Lively, of course!

The talented southerner shocked all four coaches with the gravitas in his voice. Their shock doubled, however, when they found out Ethan is only 17-years-old! Consider us shocked right alongside. Get to know this up-and-coming Outsider as we relive his audition and dive deep into everything we can find on one Ethan Lively.

First thing’s first: if you missed Lively’s impressive audition, you’ve got to give it a spin below. “Kelly Clarkson can’t help harmonizing with incredibly country artist Ethan Lively,” The Voice tweets of it:

‘The Voice’s Ethan Lively: Tennessee Grown

As for Ethan Lively himself, the country singer recalls “I was about 14 when I started talkin’ like this,” he says of his deep baritone. Sounds like the ol’ P-U-B-E-R-T-Y did Ethan quite the lively favor!

Sorry, we had to. Puns aside, Ethan hails from East Tennessee. “I’ve been singin’ since I was 3-years-old,” the young artist smiles of his Southern youth. For his Voice audition, Lively chose to channel George Strait, a decision that earned him an “A’men!” from Kelly Clarkson alongside praise from his coach, Blake Shelton.

Lively’s been watching The Voice growing up, he reveals. Shelton does the math, realizing Ethan was but 10-years-old when the show began, much to his “elderly” dismay/amazement. Yet he remains thrilled to have the 17-year-old on his team.

“It’s a nice break when I don’t have to put up a fight with the other coaches!” he tweets after the win. “You’re right at home on Team Blaque Ethan!”

(If you watched Ethan Lively’s The Voice audition above, then you’ll get the whole “Blaque” spelling.)

So far, Ethan has only established a presence on Instagram, where he has a few over 1k followers.

“Hi I’m Ethan Lively, I’m a 17 year old country boy with a dream of singing for you kind folks,” his bio states. “Singing is my life as well as God and Country.”

In addition, Ethan’s WIX website begins with a similar greeting:

“Howdy, I’m Ethan Lively,” he begins on his budding portal. “First off I would like to thank each and everyone of you guys and gals for supporting me and my singin’ on this road to country music start’em. I’m hoping with your help, to bring a little bit of country back to country music and hopefully have a darn good time doing it,” he states.

Sounds like we’ve got a country music traditionalist on our hands! “I’m 17 years old, all my life I’ve been singin’ and a dreamin’ of playing on the big stage for you fine folks,” Ethan continues.

I live in a small town no bigger than a flea on a dog. So the only way to get heard is for you guys to share this page. Only if you like my picking and a singin’. I will be posting video’s and gigs where I will be playing in the near future as well as other stuff like CD’s will be coming soon. Thank you and I hope to fill your hearts up with joy,” the young crooner concludes.

We’re starting to see why coach Kelly Clarkson thinks Lively is so darn charmin’! “Never change,” she tells him after his audition. We’re inclined to agree.

As Season 20 continues, we’re sure to learn far more about this brand new country boy. In the meantime, meet his fellow contestant, Gean Garcia, New Member of Team Kelly Clarkson with Unique Voice.

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