‘The Voice’ Fans Angered as Two-Part Finale Pre-Empted by ‘Monday Night Football’

by Madison Miller

There’s no worse feeling than turning on live television only to see the words “Monday Night Football” instead of what you were actually trying to watch. Unfortunately, fans of “The Voice” had to experience that during the season finale of the show.

The game against the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens started at around the same time that the NBC show was meant to start as well. This means that certain regions or markets around the country could not watch the first part of the finale.

This includes fans from places like Cleveland, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland, who were scrambling to see if there was an alternative way of seeing the show.

The fans missing out took to social media to vent and see if there was a solution.

The good news for the future is that if you pay for cable television, there may be a loophole. If you visit the NBC website and go to live stream, there may be a way to watch “The Voice” that way. It doesn’t guarantee that it would go around local programming, however.

‘The Voice’ Recap

For anyone that missed the live show last night, here’s some background about what happened and what’s to come.

Five contestants remain in the competition. Blake Shelton has Ian Flanigan and Jim Ranger. Then Kelly Clarkson has DeSz, who is the fan-favorite. Then Gwen Stefani has Carter Rubin. John Legend has John Holiday.

Each of the coaches is still in the game. On last night’s episode, each artist sang a cover and an original song. The young 15-year-old Carter Rubin sang “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. DeSz sang “Landslide,” a classic Fleetwood Mac song that can be hard to take on.

Each artist’s cover and original song can be seen on NBC’s YouTube channel.

The winner will be revealed on tonight’s show. To cast votes before fans can use “The Voice” app or go to NBC.com/VoiceVote.

Many fans and outlets are anticipating a win from Carter Rubin. However, the finale could lead anyone to victory tonight. Team Blake still has two country artists. One was saved by the fans on an earlier episode.

The finale will have all these questions answered. Luckily there’s no Tuesday Night Football in the way.