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‘The Voice’: Fans Are Blown Away by Quality of Contestants in Season 20 Premiere

by Will Shepard
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images)

The Voice is currently airing the first episode of Season 20 right now, and the fireworks have already begun. Fans of the show have been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever.

The first night of the blind auditions is well underway now, and the contestants are incredible. The show is certainly pulling out all of the stops for the newest season of The Voice.

All of the show’s hard work is paying off as fans are loving the product. Not only are people loving the first episode of the season, but fans are taking to Twitter to share their joy.

There is no better feeling than turning on the television for your favorite show. So, many fans are showing their gratitude that the show is back on.

NBC’s “The Voice” Is Back and Fans Are Loving the Contestants

It is a glorious day for any show when the people watching are thoroughly enjoying the product. And this is absolutely the case for The Voice in their twentieth season.

Another fan took to Twitter to say that they are incredibly happy to be back watching the show after a hiatus. This person notes how exceptional the talent is in the first round of the blind auditions.

“@NBCTheVoice the first few people who have sung have wrapped me back into the Voice after a couple of years sabbatical. I love the good talent!!!”

In the same vein, two more Twitter users echo the sentiment, each applauding the show for choosing excellent contestants. So far, each of the contestants has been unique, and more importantly, all of them are incredibly talented.

“All the contestants so far came in so strong I’m shook #TheVoice.” With another user chiming in that, “These are strong contestants this year for #TheVoice.”

A lot has changed over the years on the show, some good and some bad. But now it is all shaping up to be an incredible twentieth season for the ultra-popular show.