‘The Voice’: Holly Forbes Emotionally Speaks on Medical Condition That Leads to Baldness

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

One of the fan-favorite contestants this season on The Voice is Holly Forbes. The Team Ariana singer opened up about her life recently.

In a discussion with Parade.com, the singer opened up about her, “unique look and unique voice.” Part of that look is her lack of hair. During the interview, Forbes spoke about why and when that started to happen. She also touched on how it impacted her at a young age and how it got her into singing in the first place.

“Around 11, I started having seizures,” she said. “The doctors put me on a medication that made my hair brittle and patchy. I ended up losing my hair. For a kid, it’s not easy being bald. At that time, I listened to music on repeat in my room, singing, and it just boosted my confidence.”

That confidence has been put on display during her time on The Voice. While her team is not the deepest, Ariana Grande might have a winner with Forbes. Viewers just can’ get enough of her. Each performance, she just proves time and again. The same perseverance that she shows in each episode was evident early on in the season.

When Forbes was first selected for a team, it was Kelly Clarkson’s squad that she joined. She grew up listening to Clarkson and was very excited to get to learn from her early on. However, the Knockout Rounds would put her to the test. She ended up being cut from the team, but both John Legend and Ariana Grande vied to save the singer.

Since then, her time on The Voice has been great. She has won over the hearts of thousands of viewers and voters on the show.

‘The Voice’ Wins Demo and Viewership Battle

Last week, The Voice put on a great show for fans. They ended up taking top honors in their demographic as well as viewership. This season has performed very well against the competition it is up against across other networks. The field went from the Top 11 to the Top 10 and plenty of folks tuned in to watch it all go down.

Last Tuesday, the show pulled in a 0.7 in the demo rating. That was the highest of the night but was actually a drop from the previous week. The show was able to beat out The Bachelorette as well as CBS’s FBI. In terms of pure viewership, the show pulled in six million viewers. No other show was able to crack 5 million.

So, the dominance in the ratings continues. The Voice is just getting more and more exciting as the season continues. Fans are eager to see the results week in and week out. Soon, a winner will emerge.