‘The Voice’ Judge Nick Jonas Updates Fans Following Accident, Hospitalization

by Madison Miller

If you’ve been keeping up with “The Voice” this season, you know that Nick Jonas had quite the accident a few weeks ago.

In addition to coaching his team and bickering with Blake Shelton, Jonas has his own active life away from “The Voice” stage. He is one-third of the pop band, the Jonas Brothers. He is also married to Priyanka Chopra.

Nick Jonas suffered from an injury that left him with a cracked rib and a hospital visit. However, now that some time has passed, “The Voice” coach seems to be healing well.

He had an interview with Entertainment Tonight ahead of the season finale of the show. Jonas talked more about his injury and the healing process. He’s proved that the show really must go on.

Update on Nick Jonas’ Injury

“I feel amazing now. I don’t know what happened but after a week of some recovery and, you know just some laser treatment on the spot, I feel really good,” Jonas said.

The 28-year-old said that he got the injury while on set for “Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers.” This is an hour-long special that is supposed to air on July 21.

The incident happened while he was preparing for a bike race with his two brothers — Kevin and Nick. “It was one of those things where the steering wheel or whatever, the handlebars, just kind of got out from under me, and I just tumbled, man. And when I hit the ground, I actually felt like, ‘Oh, no, I’m going to hurt one of my brothers,’ because we’re all this close, racing. But then when I got up, I was like, ‘Nope, nope. It’s me,'” he told ET after the injury.

Despite the pain and a hospital visit, Nick Jonas still showed up for his finalists on “The Voice.” Two days later he was back to coaching. Then he even hosted the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, all while healing from a cracked rib.

The treatment he’s going through clearly seems to be helping the singer. He showed up to the semifinals and also told the host, Carson Daly, “I’m glad to be here. Can’t wait to cheer on Team Nick and all the other teams. I’m really happy I’m here.”

‘The Voice’ Finale Is Near

After a season full of shocking twists, amazing performers, and Blake Shelton dancing, the end is very near.

Tuesday (May 25) is the season finale of “The Voice” in which one person will be crowned the season 20 winner. The first half of the finale was on Monday. There are currently five finalists left — Team John Legend’s Victor Solomon, Team Kelly Clarkson’s Kenzie Wheeler, Team Nick Jonas’ Rachel Mac, Team Blake’s Jordan Matthew Young and Cam Anthony.

Wheeler performed “Heartland” and also “The Keeper of the Stars.”

Solomon performed “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and also “Freedom” as well. Young sang “Key to the Highway” and “Stay” for the two songs. Mac performed “I Hope You Dance” and also “The Chain.” Meanwhile, Anthony performed “Wanted Dead or Alive” and “Stand Up.”

Now, fans of the show can vote for who will come out on top. You can vote on “The Voice” official app or also on the official site. Each option will allow people to vote 10 times.