‘The Voice’: Kelly Clarkson Calls Out Blake Shelton After Catching Him in a Lie

by Emily Morgan

Throughout their tenure on “The Voice,” Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson have always had a playful banter, and this week, that ribbing carried over to Clarkson’s talk show. As it happened, Kelly Clarkson ended up catching Blake Shelton in a lie.

Earlier this week, Clarkson invited her fellow “Voice” coaches onto “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” During the episode, she celebrated John Legend’s fourth visit to her set by giving him a jacket that read “Team Kelly” on the back.

Clarkson noted that Shelton is also a member of the four-timers club. During Shelton’s visit, she also gifted him a similar jacket. “Do you wear your jacket all the time?” she quizzed the country star. “Oh my god [all the time],” he said. “I feed the chickens in it.”

Kelly Clarkson Catches Blake Shelton Fibbing

Skeptical of his answer, Kelly Clarkson replied, “So it’s probably dirty. Really? Really?” She quickly quipped back, “You know what’s interesting. You left your jacket here. In the green room, actually. You actually neglected to even throw it away after leaving the building.”

“You still have it?” Shelton asked her. “Oh yeah!” Clarkson said as a crew member brought the jacket out to him. “We’ve had your jacket here, we’re saving it for you.” As Shelton received the jacket, he exclaimed, “Oh! There it is. I’ve been looking for this.”

“The chickens will miss it,” the “American Idol” winner added. “Here’s the thing, when you don’t like a gift, you wait to leave the building to throw it away.” Shelton explained, “I always leave the crap you give me in here! You give me a gift bag every time, I leave it, I don’t want you to waste it on me!”

“The best part is your people know you well enough that we were like, ‘So, does he remember getting the four time…'” Kelly Clarkson said, sharing that they told her, “He won’t remember any of it, he doesn’t remember the jacket.”

After the awkward interaction, Shelton tried to change up the subject. “I do remember that you let us drink last time we were on this show. We had wine.” To which Clarkson asked, “Would you like a drink?”

After Shelton said yes, she hilariously responded with, “I’d like you to keep my gifts. So maybe you’ll get a drink when you keep my gifts.”

You can catch Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson ribbing one another on Mondays on NBC at 7 PM ET.