‘The Voice’ Previews Season 21 With ‘Campfire Sing-Along’ Highlighting First-Time Coach Ariana Grande

by Clayton Edwards

Can you believe that The Voice has been on the air for a whole decade? The show hit the airwaves back in 2011. Since then, it has produced 20 seasons and the 21st is right around the corner. This season, they are bringing a new coach to the mix. Ariana Grande is joining the already star-studded lineup.

Ariana Grande might be the best choice to be the newest coach on The Voice. The young songstress knows exactly what it takes to create hit songs. In fact, she is one of the best-selling female artists in the world. Grande is currently the most-streamed female artist on Spotify. At the same time, all of her albums have reached Platinum status at least once. So, it’s safe to say that she will be a great coach for those who want to create a singing career. This is especially true if those singers want to enter the highly competitive world of pop music.

Earlier today, The Voice‘s official Twitter account shared a hilarious promo video for its upcoming season. That video introduces Grande as a host and shows off her stellar singing skills. Check out the video below.

The video opens with The Voice coaches, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson sitting around a campfire. Shelton is strumming his guitar when Clarkson comments that their little gathering is “really nice.” Then, Shelton points to the sky and says, “You guys! Look at that amazing star over there!”

He then tells John Legend that it isn’t Alpha Centauri. The star he sees is, in fact, Ariana Grande.

Then, we get to see the first look at the newest coach for The Voice. She’s in a silver sequined dress and sitting on a large crescent moon. After apologizing for her tardiness, Grande takes her place at the campfire. That’s when Legend informs her of the coaches’ longstanding tradition. New coaches have to sing a song around the campfire with them.

Ariana Grande tries to act like she doesn’t want to sing. However, a spotlight shines down on her and she launches into a rendition of “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” In doing so, she shows off her considerable vocal talent to fans of The Voice who might be unfamiliar with her work.

Who Is Ariana Grande Replacing On The Voice?

The Voice has had many coaches over the course of its run. All of them have been successful recording artists. So, they come and go as their careers allow. This year, it looks like Nick Jonas and Kelsea Ballerini are gone.

If you want to see how Ariana Grande does on The Voice, tune in on September 20 on NBC to see the first episode of the new season.