‘The Voice’ Season 21 Official Premiere Date Revealed

by John Jamison

Exactly one month from today, fans will once again be able to watch their favorite celebrity vocal coaches spin their chairs for the opportunity to mentor some of the most exciting, undiscovered musical talent around on “The Voice.” The show will premiere on September 20th, and there’s plenty to look forward to.

Perhaps the biggest difference from last season is the new addition of Ariana Grande to the coaching lineup. She joins Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson on the panel. Further, the additional celebrity advisors for each team are as follows: Dierks Bentley for Team Blake, Camila Cabello for Team Legend, Jason Aldean for Team Kelly, and Kristin Chenoweth for Team Ariana.


Ariana Grande herself could hardly contain herself at the news of her celebrity advisor’s involvement.

“!!!!! i am screaming !!!!! ladies and gentlemen, i am honored to announce that my battle advisor for @nbcthevoice is the absolute queen of vocals, of funny, of technique, of kindness, of brilliance and of my heart, the one and only @kchenoweth,” Grande tweeted recently.

“Cannot tell you how thankful i am to have shared this with her and to have been able to ‘teach’ with someone i have learned the absolute most from. my heart is in shambles. we had the most fun,” the singer continued on Twitter.

Apparently, Ariana Grande and Kristin Chenoweth go way back. According to InStyle, the two became close working on “Hairspray Live!” together in 2016. Now, the two get to continue their friendship as they work together to develop a stable of winning musical artists on “The Voice.”

It’s hard to imagine, but Season 21 marks eleven years and nearly 500 episodes for the fan-favorite talent show. It’s already been 5 years since Ariana Grande performed her hit “Into You” during the Season 10 finale of “The Voice.”

Blake Shelton’s Favorite Contestant From His Decade-Plus on ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton is the only original vocal coach still standing on the panel of celebrity judges. A long list of accomplished musicians have spent some time in the chair, but Shelton remains. After nearly 370 episodes of the show, who made the biggest impact on him as a contestant?

His answer? It takes us all the way back to Season 2 of the long-running show. It was none other than Racheal Lynn Woodward, popularly known as RaeLynn.

“I guess you could say she’s definitely my personal favorite. I just feel a bond with her that is unexplainable. She’s a star is what she is. A great friend and a good kid. And I just want to see the best that could possibly happen for her happen,” Shelton told Entertainment Tonight in 2017.

It’s certainly possible that a new favorite has come along in the time since 2017. But the bond between Shelton and RaeLynn isn’t going anywhere.