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‘The Voice’: See Who Was Sent Home as Show Is Down to Top 10

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

The Voice just got even more competitive, going down to the top ten tonight. With Jim and Sasha Allen and Gymani needing to squeeze into the top ten, tonight’s competition between the two different acts was certainly interesting. So who went home?

To the shock of many fans of The Voice, Gymani went home in the instant save tonight. The team Kelly singer sang tell Me Something Good. The vocals were awesome, but the performance wasn’t quite moving.

Still, in comparison to Jim and Sasha Allen, many are surprised that it’s Gymani who got cut. Their cover of “I won’t give up” was a bit shaky at the start, and unfortunately, they weren’t able to completely pick it up.

But fans voted out Gymani, so she was sent home tonight.

The nine contestants who were voted in by America were Joshua Vacanti on Team Legend, Hailey Mia on Team Kelly, Holly Forbes on Team Ariana, Paris Winningham on Team Blake, Wendy Moten on Team Blake, Girl Named Tom on Team Kelly, Jeremy Rosado on Team Kelly, Jershika Maple on Team Legend and Lana Scott on Team Blake.

Tonight’s episode also saw fan-favorite contestant Wendy Moten fall off the stage during a performance. It didn’t look good, but thankfully once we got back from a commercial break she assured viewers that she was doing just fine.

What Team is Likely to Win This Season of ‘The Voice’

As we head into the final ten, we have two contestants on Team Ariana. Neither of those acts are likely to win. On Team Legend, we also have two remaining contestants. Meanwhile, team Kelly has three remaining members with Girl Named Tom being a very strong act. Team Blake also has three remaining members with Wendy Moten being a major contender.

So right now, it looks like a competition between Blake and Kelly, with Blake having a slight edge. Blake winning again should surprise nobody. He seems to have an absolute knack for picking singers. He also won last year and has won the most.

Of course, Blake is also the only remaining coach whose been on since the start. Alternately, this is Ariana Grande’s first year. A lot of her singers have seen significant improvement, and she surprisingly had trouble recruiting people to her team in the auditions because she is new.

This isn’t to say that the contestants on Team Legend or Team Ariana are out of the running, but everyone is going to have to give it their all going into the next rounds. If you want to watch The Voice as it continues to narrow down its pool of contestants, tune in on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7 central on NBC.