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‘The Voice’ Star Blake Shelton Has Shocking Moment With Ariana Grande

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

“The Voice” judges Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande share an unexpected moment behind the scenes. It may give you a chill.

“The Voice” is a fierce singing competition. Contestants are facing off and their judges are just as competitive in their seats. Sometimes, however, the judges take a minute to show each other care and concern.

Country superstar Blake Shelton does just this. During the battle rounds of Season 21’s “The Voice,” Blake checks in on new judge Ariana Grande. As her first season on the show, Grande is already making a splash with her team, with both Jim and Sasha Allen as well as Holly Forbes making it into the Top 10. However, this does not keep Shelton from showing concern for the pop star.

In a TikTok video, Blake leans over and expresses concern for Grande’s warmth during the episode taping. Sporting a pink crop top and thin fringe skirt, the singer is not dressed for winter – but looks beautiful nonetheless.


@arianagrande enduring the cold in the name of fashion. ✨ #TheVoice

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“You must be freezing, kiddo,” Shelton says. “Even I’m kind of chilly!”

Ariana Grande smiles at Shelton’s remarks but seems unbothered by the studio’s temperature. Fans are certain that the singer is used to braving colder conditions for her love of fashion. Then, her judge competitor asks her if she has turned on the heating element in her judging chair.

“Oh no, should I put it on?” Grande asks, looking a bit relieved that she has the option. Shelton laughs and is encouraging of it, until Grande has another thought: “What if my beads melt?” she asks.

With a light-hearted chuckle, the country singer responds: “Hopefully it don’t get that hot.”

Little moments like these prove that the judges’ competitive sides are all in good fun. Fans are enjoying watching this banter play out in every episode.

“The Voice” Judges Sharing The Stage

Each of the judges on “The Voice” is a bold and talented artist. They also come from a variety of different musical backgrounds: This is why fans love seeing all four coaches performing together. There is always a unique blend of RnB, pop, rock, and country.

One of my favorite performances of the season is the judge’s tribute to soul and Motown music. Performing Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” and “Hold On, I’m Coming” by Sam & Dave, the quartet shows America how it is done. John Legend and Blake Shelton’s voices pair well together, especially while singing harmonies. Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson show incredible range, impressing the crowd with soulful vocal runs.

Performances like these remind viewers that there should not be boundaries within music. Artists should be able to sing and express themselves through all musical genres. It is inspiring to see 4 different singers unite for this magical moment.