‘The Voice’ Star Blake Shelton Says He’s ‘Not Afraid’ of Ariana Grande or Her Fanbase: ‘They Pay Me to Win’

by Keeli Parkey

Blake Shelton and two of his fellow coaches on ‘The Voice” sat down to talk about the show this week. And, that discussion was shared on social media on Monday (May 17).

The conversation took place on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” As fans of “The Voice” will know, Clarkson also serves as a coach on the show with Shelton. John Legend, the other coach, joined them for a talk about the show. Unsurprisingly, this trio of coaches brought their own perspectives to the future of the show.

Specifically, they addressed the addition of their newest rival – Ariana Grande. She will replace Nick Jonas as a coach on the show. Her debut season is set to take place this fall. But, Blake Shelton is not at all worried about facing off against a new competitor.

Blake Shelton, Fellow Judges of ‘The Voice’ Talk About Ariana Grande Joining Their Group

“So wait, are y’all scared of Ariana?” Kelly Clarkson asked Shelton and Legend during a recent episode of her show.

“Uh, yes,” John Legend quickly answered with a laugh.

Clarkson quickly agreed. “I am, too. I’m terrified,” she said. “Somebody literally asked us in the interviews yesterday – when we were going together. And they said, ‘What do you think about Ariana?’ And, I said I think this my last chance to win. I was like, ‘That’s what I think.'”

This comment made both Clarkson and Legend laugh. Apparently, it is the numerous fans Grande has that has Clarkson and Legend worried.

Legend then said: “Ariana has a huge fan base and they are fervent. And, if they show up to vote we’re all in trouble.”

However, in true Blake Shelton fashion, he’s not stressing about Grande joining the show and he’s also not stressing about her legions of fans. Clarkson specifically asked Shelton if he was worried about Grande and her fan base.

“I’m not afraid of her fanbase. Where they at?” Shelton said. “… Ariana fans, bring it on. I’m not afraid of Ariana. They pay me to win.”

“Oh my gosh,” Clarkson then said.

Fans of “The Voice” and its coaches will just have to wait and see how things play out when Ariana Grande joins the club. It should be interesting, that’s for sure.

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” shared some of the conversation between Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson via her show’s Instagram. You can check out this humorous video below. It included the caption: “@blakeshelton said ‘challenge accepted’! Are you excited to see @arianagrande on @nbcthevoice this fall?!”