‘The Voice’ Star Nick Jonas Crashes Bike, Suffers Brutal Injuries During ‘Olympic Dreams’ Special

by Matthew Wilson

Fans finally got to see how Nick Jonas hurt himself earlier this year. “The Voice” coach and singer crashed his bike during a race with his brothers for the “Olympic Dreams” special. It was every Jonas brother for himself during a bike competition that aired July 21 on NBC. But all three Jonas brothers ended up hitting the asphalt instead.

Nick Jonas decided to race both Kevin and Joe out on the course. But mid-race, Nick ended up spiraling out of control instead. During the special, “The Voice” star was coming out of a turn when his bike slid out from underneath them. Nick Jonas ended up tumbling against the pavement and hitting his chest.

As a result of Nick crashing, both Joe and Kevin Jones hit Nick and his bike. Though they tried to swerve, all three Jonas’ brothers ended up crashing into one another. After the crash, neither Joe nor Kevin was injured. But while Nick was able to stand, he was in a lot of pain. His brother Kevin Jonas ordered him not to stand up as a medic comes to check out the brothers.

“Yeah, I think my rib is f–ked up, too,” Nick Jones said. As a result of a crash, the officials brought the ambulance to the scene. Several emergency responders put Nick on the stretcher to take him to a nearby hospital. Both of the Jonas brothers promise to meet Nick at the hospital.

Nick Jonas Responds to Crash

Nick Jonas may have been going for gold. But he ended up with a fractured rib for his trouble instead. After the crash, Jonas held a press conference where he discussed his injury and what happened on the course.

“I always give 110 percent and sometimes that gets you the gold. In this case, it got me a fractured rib, a bruised tailbone, and a hospital dinner. But I’m recovering,” Jonas said. Fortunately, Jonas was back at work only a few days later.

The “Olympic Dreams” special happened back in May but it’s just now airing. At the time, Jonas had responsibilities on “The Voice” to fulfill. He appeared on the show injured but assuring viewers that he would be okay. On the “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Jonas went into further details about his injury as well. He said the accident just happened and that he tried to be careful during the race.

“We all looked at each other beforehand because the race was pretty intense,” Nick told Seth Meyers. “We said, ‘Just take it easy, let’s not overdo it.’ So I was being responsible, I wasn’t being overly competitive. But something happened. It was one of those things where the handlebars kind of got out from under me and I just tumbled.”