‘The Voice’ Sees Three Acts Exit As the Battle Rounds Conclude

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

It seems like just yesterday when The Voice was premiering for the first time, but the show just wrapped up the battle rounds, saying goodbye to three more acts tonight. The battle rounds see teammates compete against each other, with two acts covering the same song.

The act that performs the song better in the eyes of their coach gets to advance, with the other act either going home or getting a rare and coveted “steal” from another coach, moving to their team instead. They can also get a “save” from their own coach. Each coach only has one “save” and one “steal” total. The Voice contestants also get to learn from a guest coach their coach brings in.

Ariana Grande decided to bring in Kristen Chenoweth, Kelly Clarkson decided to bring in Jason Aldean, John Legend brought Camilla Cabello and Blake Shelton brought in Dierks Bently. Tonight’s episode of The Voice saw the last contestants compete, with some performances a bit more notable than others.

In one battle, the Cunningham Sisters went up against Parker McKay for team Ariana. The acts sang a beautiful rendition of “It’s My Party” for Team Kelly, Parker McKay’s rendition was beautiful. Kelly’s only critique is that McKay sounded a little too rehearsed. And while McKay did wonderfully, the Cunningham sisters absolutely blew down the house, earning them the win.

Many were quite sad to see Parker go from The Voice, though. With a performance like that, it seemed like she deserved a spot in the knockouts.

Team Legend’s Last Battle Earned one Contestant the Final Battle Round Steal

With Blake being the only one with a steal left, he decided to use it after the incredible battle between team Legend contestants Paris Winningham and Jonathan Mouton. After a rendition of “Here and Now,” Paris narrowly took the win. But Blake couldn’t let that stand, snapping up Mouton for team Blake.

Remember, just because someone loses a battle round or a knockout round, that doesn’t mean they can’t win. There’ve been multiple winners who lost a battle round and got saved or stolen from another team. One contestant got stolen and then stolen back, earning Blake the win.

The night also saw to other battles. One battle for team Ariana involved a cover of “Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You).” Ryleigh Plank wound up taking the win over KCK3. Plank did receive some notes on over singing, but the battle was definitely still fun.

The other battle for team Blake was a bit skipped over in the edit. Berritt Haynes wound up beating Kaitlyn Velez on the Coldplay song “Yellow.”

Despite the excitement of the battle rounds, the competition is just heating up. You can catch the Knockouts when the voice returns. The show airs on Mondays and Tuesdays, and pop superstar Ed Sheeran is coming in as a guest coach, so fans won’t want to miss it.