‘The Voice’: Watch the First Time Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande Meet on Set

by Suzanne Halliburton

The Voice fans should prepare themselves. It looks like Blake Shelton has met his bantering match with Ariana Grande.

The petite pop superstar held her ground during blind auditions of the show. That’s according to country star Blake Shelton, the longtime coach on The Voice. And the reality singing competition gave fans a taste of the Shelton-Grande connection in an Instagram post, Monday afternoon. There are only six weeks left to count down before the premiere of The Voice. So enjoy.

The Voice teased:

“Has anyone else been wondering what it would be like when Blake Shelton met Ariana Grande?”

In the video clip, Shelton says “she is making a grande entrance.” (Yes, pun intended.)

Grande quips: “I haven’t met Blake, but I hear he’s a handful.” (That’s what other coaches say.)

Then Shelton tells fans. “Today is like our first formal introduction, hanging out, talking.” Grande says “And I’m ready.” Then Shelton taunts “bring it on, Ariana, bring it on.”

Grande makes a reference to tumbleweeds. And Shelton asks her “are we hugging? And Shelton tells fans of The Voice “we already had a handshake agreement, we’re going to go at each other’s throats.”

Grande proclaims it a “match made in heaven. Am I right? “

Olympics Are Over; NBC Turns to The Voice, Other Prime-time Shows

Now that the Toyko Olympics are finished, NBC is turning hard to its fall, prime-time lineup. And one of its most popular shows is The Voice. The season 20 finale in late May drew about 6.5 million viewers. There was a slide throughout the spring, with the show losing almost 1.5 million viewers from its premiere to the finale.

The Voice juggled its coaching panel, swapping pop stars. Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend remain. Ariana Grande is the newest judge in the swivel chair, replacing Nick Jonas. The show made the announcement in March. Grande appeared on the show in 2016. She sang “Into You.”

Shelton described Grande “as a fierce competitor” during a recent interview. Now, the singers actually are supposed to be the competitors, but the coaches take it seriously, too. The coach of the winner gets bragging rights. Shelton’s singer Cam Anthony won season 20. It marked his eighth win. And Shelton isn’t going to let anyone forget that this season.

“She is a tiny human being, but she is a fierce competitor,” Shelton said in a recent interview on Sirius/XM. ”She’s a blast.”

Shelton and the rest of the coaching crew got through the auditions. You’ll see those when the show premieres Sept. 20.

“She was super competitive in the blinds to the point where she was really funny,” Shelton said of Grande. “I guess I just didn’t know what to expect from her, but I didn’t expect her to just come out swinging like she did.”