‘The Voice’: Watch Kelly Clarkson Cover Fellow Coach’s Smash Hit

by Jonathan Howard

Kelly Clarkson has a lot going on from The Voice to her own show.

Clarkson’s talk show features time at the end where she covers songs from other artists. The segment is called Kellyoke a mix between Kelly and Karaoke. It is a fun time when she takes to the mic. Of course, she has made a living as a country music singer. However, she isn’t afraid to take on songs outside of her comfort zone.

The latest song she tackled was one from a fellow coach on The Voice. Back in 2019, Ariana Grande dropped 7 Rings. It was a big song and played all over the place. Clarkson took on the song and delivered a very strong performance.

Without altering the song and staying true to its style, she put together a short rendition that is sure to make Grande herself proud. Check out the video below.

So, Outsiders, what do we think of this cover? If I’m a music producer, I’m thinking about putting Kelly Clarkson on an R&B track. She really has the range and the talent to sing just about anything. There is no surprise that she has been on The Voice longer than everyone but Blake Shelton.

When you have a team as strong as she does on The Voice you feel confident enough to rock covers like this. Hopefully, that same confidence goes to her singers on the show.

Shelton and Clarkson Have Big Teams in Top 8

Out of all four coaches on The Voice, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson are doing very well. Of course, Ariana Grande and John Legend have acts that could go all the way. But, from a sheer numbers perspective, the former duo is in a much better position.

Last week, Clarkson lost a singer. Unfortunately for R&B singer, Jeremy Rosada, his time on the show was cut short. He had performances throughout that showed off his great talent and skills. However, the competition is stiff this late in the game.

Now, Clarkson has Girl Named Tom and Hailey Mia to rely on. The trio of Girl Named Tom has put down some great harmony and style. Hailey has also proven to be a strong competitor. Ariana Grande just has Jim & Sasha Allen left. So, that’s one to keep an eye on. And don’t count John Legend out, either!

‘The Voice’ Fans Have Criticism for One Coach

While it is her first year on the show, Grande has done pretty well. However, it hasn’t been good enough for some fans. There are frustrations among a group of viewers. They just don’t think she has made the best decisions throughout the show.

Arguably, Grande is the biggest star the show has had. The Voice isn’t all about name recognition, though. While she only has one act remaining, it is a strong one. Jim and Sasha Allen have taken the country’s hearts. So, who knows how the season ends.