‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Moses J. Moseley’s Death Being Investigated as Possible Foul Play: Report

by Taylor Cunningham

New evidence suggests that The Walking Dead actor Moses J. Moseley did not commit suicide. Instead, he may have been kidnapped and murdered

Late last month, police found the 31-year-old dead in his car in Stockbridge, Georgia, with a bullet in his head and a gun in his lap.

Because Moseley’s family hadn’t heard from him since January 23rd, they filed a missing person’s report on him on January 26th. They then contacted his vehicle’s security company, OnStar. And representatives were able to track his car that same day.

Because of the scene, police thought that the actor had committed suicide. But now, officials are investigating possible foul play.

Today, TMZ reported that an unnamed family member has come forward and said that new evidence—including the location of blood splatter and the way the bullet entered his skull—suggests it’s unlikely that Moses J. Moseley killed himself.

As they shared, investigators found the actor with a “loose” grip on the gun as though another person had placed it in his hand after his death.

Investigators also told the family member that the bullet entered the actor’s eye but did not exit his skull. And in most cases, self-inflicted gunshot wounds exit from the other side.

The Family of ‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Never Believed He Killed Himself

The Walking Dead actor’s family has been asking police to investigate the possibility that someone kidnapped and murdered Moses J. Moseley since the beginning of the investigation.

His sister, Teerea Kimbro, told TMZ that her brother loved his life and would never commit suicide. And she believed that Moseley was murdered three days before officers found his body.

Kimbro also noted that Moseley scheduled a new taping for the Monday before officers located his body, which he didn’t make. And he had also just wrapped up filming on a new movie.

Because of his recent success, she said her brother was excited about where his career was going. And he was making plans for his future. So there was no reason for anyone to believe he was suffering from depression.

At the time, Captain Randy Lee of the Stockbridge Police Department said that “the potential of the death being a suicide was considered.”

However, he was “not ruling out any other possibilities.”

Though as the investigation continued, police “processed, reviewed, and analyzed” more evidence. And other possibilities “presented themselves—including accidental.”

As of now, Captain Lee says that “‘it is important to note, the case is still currently open/active and ALL possibilities and leads are being thoroughly investigated.”