‘The Walking Dead’ Star Moses J. Moseley Dead at 31

by Samantha Whidden

Last week, The Walking Dead star Moses J. Moseley reportedly passed away at the age of 31. Police are investigating his death.

TMZ reports that the family of Moseley, who played one of the walkers on The Walking Dead, stated that they found his body on Wednesday (January 26th) in the Hudson Bridge are in Stockbridge, Georgia. But there is currently an active investigation as to how his body ended up in the area. Authorities are also still determining whether or not foul play is a factor in the young actor’s death. 

A member of The Walking Dead star’s family shared with the media outlet that they hadn’t heard from Moseley since the weekend prior to his body being found. They notably called around local hospitals, but he didn’t turn up. The family decided to file a missing person’s report and they contacted OnStar. The car subscription service helped track down where his car was. The family member also says that the actor died from a gunshot wound. Now authorities are trying to determine who shot him.  

According to the media outlet, Moseley made an appearance on The Walking Dead as one of Michonne’s walkers that followed her around. He held that role from 2012 to 2015. He also took on roles in HBO’s Watchmen and blockbuster film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Moseley was currently filming Cadillac Respect, which follows a sociopath who is the head of an Italian crime syndicate physically destroys everything and everyone around him. With the exception of his one true love. Starring with Moseley in the short film are Eric Roberts, Butch Patrick, and John Schneider. 

The Walking Dead actor’s manager, Tabatha Minchew spoke about the actor. “He was loved by everyone who met him. Such a bright light in everyone’s eyes.”

‘The Walking Dead’ Pope Actor Ritchie Coster Reveals He Originally Auditioned for the Role of Negan

During a recent interview with ComicBooks, The Walking Dead pope actor, Ritchie Coster, revealed that he had originally auditioned for the role of Negan years prior to his debut on the hit series. 

“I’d already auditioned for The Walking Dead  I think about four or five times over the years,” Coster stated. “I read for Negan because I really wanted that one. I’d heard that they’d cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the role. I thought to myself, ‘Well, that makes sense.’ And I hold grudges. Walking Dead was going to be punished for not casting me yet.”

Coster nearly gave up on The Walking Dead, until he was eventually called for his new role. “I just thought, ‘All right, it’s not going to happen.’ But then, out of the blue, this offer came for Pope.”

Along with Negan, Coster auditioned for other The Walking Dead characters, such as Abraham Ford and Bob Stookey. 

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Part 2 premieres on February 20th.