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‘The Waltons’ Actor Revealed How Richard Thomas ‘Cared’ for Young Cast: ‘Really Was Our Big Brother’

by Anna Dunn
Actor Richard Thomas and family, photographed in 1968. Photo by Jack Mitchell/Getty Images.

The Waltons, which followed the life of a family in the 30s, had a lot of young children on set. Thankfully for them, John-Boy actor Richard Thomas was apparently like a real-life big brother to the kids. Thomas lead the show for five seasons.

While some child actors had parents who frequented the set, a lot of the other kids were on their own a lot. Apparently, Richard Thomas was always there to make sure the kid’s voices were heard.

“Richard, of course, was always a stunning person to be around,” Ben Walton actor Eric Scott said in an interview with Mediavillage.

According to Scott, Thomas took incredible effort to look after the children. This was both personally and professionally. If any of the kids didn’t like what was happening in a scene or didn’t think their character would say a certain line, Thomas would straighten it out with production.

Not only would this help the kids feel good, but it also helped improve the show overall. He also advocated for himself and for John-Boy, making sure that no obvious character inconsistencies made it past him. Kids would even go to him about their concerns.

“I would talk with him, make suggestions about my character, and the script would be changed. In many ways, Richard really was our big brother,” Scott described.

Eric Scott’s Mom Frequented ‘The Waltons’ Set

But Eric Scott certainly had a lot of support while working on The Waltons. His mother also frequented set. She was there so much that she reportedly became a sort of “set mom” to the kids on set whose moms didn’t visit as much.

“She became the set-mom for a lot of [the kids] because there were those who did not have that kind of consistency. Maybe their moms came down a little bit but they had babysitters. And that’s part of it too,” he explained.

So while the kids worked some pretty intense hours and were often left feeling unappreciated by the studio, they certainly had a lot of figures on set who had their back when it came to their creative voices and general needs.

One of Eric’s Co-Stars has Started a Behind The Scenes Series

Eric’s co-star on The Waltons, Judy Norton, has a youtube series about what it was like working on the Waltons called Behind the Scenes of The Waltons. Norton has made multiple fascinating episodes that detail experiences working on set, what it was like meeting certain guest stars, and how people handled fame as kids.

So while The Waltons has been gone for quite some time now, cast members like Scott and Norton are preserving its legacy by talking about it honestly and remembering the kindness of their fellow co-stars.