‘The Waltons’: Ben Actor Eric Scott Revealed How Parts of Character Were ‘Taken’ from His Personality

by Keeli Parkey

So very often, art is created from the life experiences of its creators. Life gives inspiration to that art and it also often helps shape fictional characters. This was the case on the popular family drama “The Waltons.”

Interestingly, one character specifically was inspired by the real-life person who played that character on television. We are talking about the character Ben Walton, who was played by Eric Scott in the beloved series.

Scott talked about this connection during a December 2011 interview with Media Village. It was during this conversation that “The Waltons” actor briefly shared how his character’s personality was influenced by who he was behind the scenes.

According to Eric Scott, his character Ben Walton had both good and bad qualities.

“They saw him as a little bit of a wise a** that could get into a little bit of trouble once in a while,” Scott said of the negative aspects of the character he played on “The Waltons.”

As fans of the show are aware, Ben Walton wasn’t all that bad of a guy – even though he, like all of us, made his share of mistakes. So, unsurprisingly, the powers that be behind “The Waltons” also showed Ben in a more positive light in some episodes. And, in this way, he was more like the actor who brought him to life.

“But he also had a business sense,” actor Eric Scott also said in 2011. “He was intelligent but emotional. And that was more or less taken from me.”

Ben Walton Actor Eric Scott Shared More Details About ‘The Waltons’ During 2011 Interview

The details of how his character, Ben Walton, was connected to his real life was not all actor Eric Scott had to share about “The Waltons” during that December 2011 interview.

Other details Scott shared had to do with the level of involvement Earl Hamner Jr. had on the set of the family drama. As fans of the show are aware, Hamner Jr. was the man who created the world of the series. He based the famous fictional family on his own experiences growing up in Virginia. It was Hamner Jr. who wrote the book – “Spencer’s Mountain” – on which the show was based.

According to what Scott had to say in 2011, the creator was very close to the production.

“I had never worked with a producer/writer like we did with Earl,” Scott said.

One of the aspects where Earl Hamner Jr. focused a lot of his attention was on the show’s scripts. To put things in perspective, Scott said Hamner Jr. looked at those scripts as if he had on “magnified glasses.”

In fact, the actor said Hamner Jr. focused on the smallest details of each of the show’s scripts. According to Eric Scott, the creator spent so much time that “every word was under the microscope.”