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‘The Waltons’: Cast Members Say One of Their Co-Stars Was Frequently Naked on Set

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Everyone remembers “The Waltons” as a wholesome family show, but off-camera things were much more revealing.

While the show’s stars like Ralph Waite, Ellen Corby, and Will Geer have died, the remaining cast members such as Michael Learned, Eric Scott, and Richard Thomas are disclosing the naughty moments we didn’t get a chance to see.

The Waltons’ Grandfather Bares All

Will Geer, who played the Grandfather, was a beloved fixture on the sitcom. According to his costars, his character was known for standing up against the Joseph McCarthy blacklist, planted the Waltons’ garden, and making new friends on set. Unknown to most fans, he also liked to moon his co-stars.

“I saw more of his ass than I ever wanted to see,” Learned said. “The two of them, he and Ralph would just moon. Not when the kids were around. They would never do that in front of the kids but I went screaming into the night.”

Some of the cast even suggested that Geer may have been a nudist in real life. Scott recalled attempting to get Geer to wear anything during filming.

“I don’t think that Will wore much clothes off of the set,” Scott said. “When you saw him putting on his overalls and he had no shirt underneath and he had one strap on, that’s as good as he got that day. That was Will.”

Despite his odd obsession with nudity, Geer was undoubtedly beloved by the cast for challenging them with his improvisations.

“Will never said the same thing twice ever,” Scott said. “So you never knew when to start talking, but if you waited for him to stop talking, you would never get a word in. You would have to eventually just butt yourself in and just start saying your lines because that was Will. He would just keep on talking and there was no way of knowing when your line was supposed to come out.”