‘The Waltons’ Episode ‘The Seashore’ Features a Unique Filming Trick

by Katie Maloney

Actress Judy Norton revealed that directors used a special trick to film this episode of “The Waltons” on the beach.

During an episode of her video series “Behind-the-Scenes with Judy Norton,” Norton talked about the episode titled “The Seashore.” During the episode, The Baldwin sisters visit John Walton to ask for his help in building a screened-in porch for their cottage by the sea. The Waltons decide this is the perfect opportunity to take a vacation. Unfortunately, Judy Norton was playing a very pregnant Mary Ellen at the time, so her character didn’t go to the beach. Nevertheless, Norton said that she stopped by the set to visit her castmates and enjoy the beach vacay fun.

“I believe the location used for the beach scenes was actually in Malibu along the California coastline,” said Norton. “There was an area called Paradise Cove that was frequently used for film and television locations. And I believe it was some section of that, that was used for Miss Maime’s cottage and the pier and everything you see along the shore there.”

Judy Norton talks about “The Waltons” episode titled “The Seashore.”

‘The Waltons’ Director Used a Clever Trick During This Seashore Scene

During the episode, the Waltons meet a young woman named Lisa. She’s secretly been staying in the Baldwin sisters’ cottage while they were out of town. Instead of getting upset with Lisa, the Waltons decide to let her stay and make sure she is safe until she’s able to find another place to stay. Jason even befriends Lisa after learning that she studies music. At the end of “The Waltons” episode, the two say goodbye after growing close. For continuity’s sake, the director needed the bus stop where Lisa was departing to look as if it were right next to the coastline. So they used a special trick to film the scene. They filmed all the close-ups of Lisa from behind Jason’s shoulder with the water in the background. And then they filmed all of Jason’s close-ups behind Lisa’s shoulder in front of a fake bus station and town backdrop on a Warner Brothers studio backlot.

“I’m pretty sure that they shot these in the two locations. They shot all of Lisa’s close-ups behind Jason’s shoulder in front of the coast. And then all of Jason’s shots over Lisa’s shoulder on the Warner Brothers backlot. But you never saw both together in the same shot,” said Norton. “You did not see a wide shot where you saw both the bus and the beach. Or the cLub and the beach. They were always edited separately. So, I’m pretty sure they shot that in the two different locations.”