‘The Waltons’ Star Eric Scott Said Michael Landon Was ‘Brilliant,’ But Had Criticism for His Shows

by Anna Dunn

The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie were often compared to each other, but The Waltons star Eric Scott once pointed out how he felt they were different. Scott played Ben Walton on the hit series. While he thought Michael Landon was a great writer and producer, he did feel that there were certain things lacking from his shows.

Landon is best known for his work on Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie. The writer, actor, and producer dominated the TV industry with his work

“Michael Landon was brilliant,” Scot told Media Village. “I loved his work on Little HouseHighway to Heaven and Bonanza. He really knew how to entertain.”

While the show was set in the 1880s and Scott felt that “some of the dialogue was very contemporary.” Scott did understand the reason for that. More realistic dialogue from that time period would be harder to understand. Therefore it wouldn’t be as accessible to kids and families. However, what he didn’t understand was the lack of character development.

“But I don’t feel the development of his characters had the same amount of layers that we did on The Waltons. His show was wonderful entertainment, and parents could sit down and watch it with their kids, who absolutely loved it. And for that it was great. But on The Waltons, I always felt we were making an adult show and that kids could enjoy it as well.”

With the constant comparisons between the two shows, it’s natural that Scott would think about these things. The Waltons definitely went to some dark and nuanced places with its characters and series, so it makes sense Scott feels that the show may have been more grown.

Eric Scott Thinks Fans Continued Love for ‘The Waltons’ Is a Gift

The Waltons may have ended decades ago, but fans are still expressing their adoration for the show to this day. Eric Scott talked about his experience with meeting fans on the street. They often tell him the ways the show impacted their lives.

“People approach me and tell me of the impact that the show had on them growing up,” Scott said. “These are all the wonder residuals for the effort and energy we put into doing the show. It’s all love. It’s a gift.”

Meanwhile, Eric’s former co-star Judy Norton is keeping the memory of the show alive in another way. Norton has a series called Behind the Scenes of the Waltons. Not only does she take a look at her favorite episodes and behind-the-scenes moments, but she often answers questions and comments from fans who continue to love the show.

While Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons both had their strengths and weaknesses, they both left a large impact on fans that still resonates.