‘The Waltons’: How the Unique Ice Cream Flavor Was Created by the Cast

by Katie Maloney

What if you could mix your favorite show, The Waltons, with your favorite dessert, ice cream? That’s exactly what Baskin Robbins did in 1973.

The Waltons soared to fame after its premiere in 1972. Almost every viewer wanted to be a member of The Waltons family, and almost every major company wanted to find a way to collaborate with the show. So, it’s not a surprise that major ice cream brand, Baskin Robbins teamed up with the actors on the show for a delicious collaboration.

Mary McDonough, who played Erin Walton on the show, visited the Baskin Robbins ice cream plant along with her on-screen siblings David Harper who played Jim-Bob, and Kami Kotler who played Elizabeth. The Waltons kids already fulfilled most of the world’s dreams of becoming famous actors on a popular television show. So, the natural next step was to fulfill almost every kid’s fantasy – taste-testing an unlimited supply of ice cream.

According to an article from 1973, The Waltons kids met with a Baskin Robbins chemist who laid out syrups, flavorings, and fun toppings and just let the kids create. Each star got to create their own combinations of flavors and then put the mixture into the freezing machine. That way, they could taste their flavors right away.

Don’t even try to guess how many flavors each kid taste-tested! Suffice to say that, when they finally landed on a final flavor, the kids couldn’t stomach a taste. So, they had to bring the flavor back to The Waltons set for everyone to sample once the kids’ stomachs had settled.

What Was The Waltons Ice Cream Flavor?

Not surprisingly, the TV siblings couldn’t agree on a flavor of ice cream. According to the same article, each kid had their own idea about what the perfect combination was. Mary was all for a citrus flavor and pushed for a lemon-walnut flavor. Meanwhile, David wanted a sweeter ice cream flavor with chocolate chips and jelly. Kami, the youngest taster, didn’t care what the final flavor was as long as the ice cream was crunchy.

So, the Baskin Robbins chemist took matters into his own hands and decided to combine each kids’ idea. The end result was “Walnutchocolatechipjellycrunch.” The flavor perfectly encapsulated everything we love about The Waltons – it was classic, sweet, and a little nutty. The flavor debut at Baskin Robbins stores across the country in 1973. Did you get a chance to sample the iconic ice cream flavor?