‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Explains Different Filming Techniques Used in ‘The Graduation’ Episode

by Keeli Parkey

When Judy Norton posts a new video to her YouTube channel, chances are you are going to learn something about “The Waltons” that you never knew before.

During her video series, the Mary Ellen Walton actress has covered a variety of episodes and topics surrounding the production of the beloved family drama. She has titled this series “Behind the Scenes of ‘The Waltons.'”

These topics have included information about her costars, locations, stunts, and certain storylines from different episodes. In a video she posted on Friday, July 8, Judy Norton focused on the season two episode titled “The Graduation.”

One of the topics she covered was the filming techniques used by the show’s creative team. For this discussion, Norton talked about two scenes. One involved a treehouse, the other took place in the family’s kitchen.

For the scene in the treehouse, “The Waltons” the actress said a crane was used to capture the action.

“I really enjoyed this crane shot that was used here going up into the treehouse. John-Boy comes back, he hears a noise up in the treehouse,” Norton also said. “You see him – this would have been done with a crane. … the crane is there positioned to be able to – for the camera to see John-Boy and Elizabeth speaking.”

The crane was also used to capture footage of the siblings inside the treehouse, according to Norton.

“My sense is that then when they went in and did the closeups that was still done, they just repositioned the actors or the camera on the crane in order to get these closeup shots of John-Boy and Elizabeth,” she also said.

‘The Waltons’ Actress Also Discusses Scene Filmed in Family’s Kitchen

Judy Norton also remembered “The Graduation” episodes for the scenes that were filmed in the Walton family’s kitchen.

“For several of these kitchen scenes, the angle from which we are shooting is where the wall behind the sink would be,” Norton said. “So, in this case, it’s evident to me that they would have removed that wall so that the camera could be basically where the wall behind the sink would be.”

According to Norton, this was not a common occurrence during filming.

“That was a wall that was removed less frequently than some of the others,” Norton said. “We often didn’t have to remove walls in the kitchen because the space was big enough to move around. Probably the most commonly removed wall was the one over on the side where the exit out to the back porch would be. So where you would sometimes see Grandma ironing, things like that. That wall was the most commonly removed. The one behind the kitchen sink – not so much.”

You can watch Judy Norton talk about the filming techniques used in “The Graduation” episode of “The Waltons” below. Her comments on this subject take place around the 4:20 mark and the 7-minute mark of the video.