‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Opens Up About Ron Howard’s Guest Appearance on the Series

by Anna Dunn

The Waltons actress Judy Norton recently spoke about Ron Howard‘s guest appearance on the show. Howard, of course, is a Hollywood director and actor who got his start on The Andy Griffith Show. Norton has been frequently uploading videos to youtube as a part of her Behind the Scenes of The Waltons series.

On the series, Norton talks about everything from The Waltons production insights to what it’s like working with the cast to her takes on certain episodes. In a February episode, she talked about an episode of the show titled The Gift.

“It was such a thrill to have Ron Howard as a guest on The Waltons,” she said. Apparently, Norton was quite the fan too.

“I had watched him since the early beginnings of his career on The Andy Griffith Show and various different other shows. [I] loved him in the Music Man,” The Waltons actress continued. “He was just such a talent, right from the beginning of his career. ”

“This was sort of in-between doing those early things as a child and right before he started doing Happy Days and of course went on to do all kinds of brilliant work both in front of the camera and behind the camera, so it was a real treat to have him.”

She wasn’t the only one thrilled to have Howard on the set of The Waltons either.

Norton Pointed Out the Similarities Between Ron Howard and One of Her ‘The Waltons’ Co-Stars

Judy Norton was also quick to note how similar Ron Howard and her The Waltons co-star John Walmsley were.

“They do share a little bit of red hair. They have some similarity in look,” she said. She also pointed to a shot of the two sitting together listening to the radio.

“Ron plays Seth Turner, and his father, Red Turner, is playing on the radio, and Jason and Seth sit next to each other and they’re both wearing variations of red and blue plaid shirts. They both have denim on and I found myself wondering if that was an intentional thing on the part of the wardrobe department.”

Norton didn’t just point out their similarities, she actually reached out to John and asked him about his experience working with Ron Howard. Just like Judy, John also always watched Ron Howard as a kid. He’d also been told for many years that he looked a lot like Ron Howard.

It was to the point where Walmsley had even auditioned opposite Ron Howard a few times.

“He said the first day that Ron came on the set, Ron came up to him and said ‘Oh! You’re the boy I always get told I looked like!” this touched Walmsley a lot.

Norton also had a blast. The two got to dance together for a scene.

“I can say I danced with Ron Howard!” she exclaimed.

Howard was amongst many of the guest stars that spiced up the series, but the series wouldn’t exist without the work of those like Norton and Walmsley, who brought their talent to the roles of Mary-Ellen and Jason. You can still catch the Waltons through re-runs or re-live those glory days alongside Judy Norton with her in-depth series on the show.