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‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Compares ‘Homecoming’ Reboot to ‘Getting a New Step-Parent’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/WireImage)

Shows getting the revival or reboot treatment typically have a tough battle ahead of them. Nostalgia serves as a double-edged sword and can help or kill its chances of surviving. The Waltons star Judy Norton offers an interesting perspective on the Homecoming movie, comparing it to “getting a new step-parent.”

Fox News recently spoke to many of The Waltons original cast members to get their takes on the holiday reboot of the classic television show. Judy Norton, the actor who played Mary Ellen Walton, said those interested shouldn’t go in expecting a copy of the original show. She also provides an apt comparison, saying “Think of it like getting a new step-parent.”

“They are not meant to replace your parent, but to be another part of your life,” she elaborated. “Although we appreciate all the love and support our viewers have given to The Waltons these past 50 years and hopefully many more years to come – you are welcome to embrace this new rendition – not as a copy – but as something new.”

Continuing, she feels the reboot’s timing is perfect and its message is eternal.

“The story of love, family and the support of one another is timeless,” she said. “The show is about the human spirit. The innate kindness and compassion of man when demonstrated at its very best. Something we can all achieve – together.  This show gave me so much, but what I treasure most is the ‘family’ it has given me.”

The Waltons Homecoming premieres on November 28. The movie serves as a celebration for the 50th anniversary of The Homecoming: A Christmas Story. For those who don’t know, the latter was so popular it’s what spurred The Waltons to exist as a television series.

Judy Norton Discusses How ‘The Waltons’ was ‘Always an Ensemble Show’

Though certain episodes and storylines focused primarily on a single character, The Waltons avidly balanced all of the Waltons getting a good amount of screentime. Judy Norton recently discussed this fact, saying it was “always an ensemble show.”

Judy Norton made a YouTube channel where she talks about the show. She often posts Q&A videos, with a recent one asking how The Waltons didn’t focus on just one character.

“It was always an ensemble show,” Norton answered the curious fan. “Of course, it was told from the perspective of John Boy and it really, in the beginning, focused on the adults. They allowed each of the children to have storylines and to have a direction they were going in their life.”

Noting The Waltons strove to flesh out all of its characters, it made the show stronger and more capable. “I just think there were so many opportunities to have stories about all of the family that they wrote it that way.”