‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Discusses Her Favorite Season From the Series

by Clayton Edwards

If you create things, you will always have a favorite. Every songwriter has a favorite song of theirs. Likewise, a painter will have a favorite piece they have created. The same is true for actors. Judy Norton is no exception to that.

Judy Norton was Mary Ellen on The Waltons. She played that character for all nine seasons of the show. So, she was there for everything. It is safe to assume that she has a favorite season of the series. She opened up about that recently.

In a recent installment of her Waltons-themed web series, Judy Norton took a break from diving deep into the history and trivia of the series and answered some questions from her audience. At one point during the video, she discussed her favorite seasons of the show.

Judy Norton on Her Favorite Seasons on The Waltons

One viewer wanted to know, “What was your favorite season [of The Waltons] or when did it seem to come together?”

Judy Norton said, “That’s really difficult, that’s kind of two different questions in a way.” First, she addressed when it all came together for the cast of The Waltons. Norton said that midway through the first season, they really hit their stride. The cast gelled and they began to really step into their characters. So, they were off to a strong start.

Then, Judy Norton talked about her favorite parts of the show. “There were different episodes in different seasons that I really loved. I loved the first three or four seasons when we were all young and doing a lot of kid stuff.” The things that Norton said she really enjoyed about those seasons were the relationships between the characters.  She said that she really enjoyed, “The dynamic amongst the children and the relationship between the parents raising all these young children.”

In short, she said that the first five seasons of The Waltons were her favorite because the whole family was together all the time. However, she is quick to note that she didn’t truly dislike the later seasons. Looking back, she can see that every season of the series had its high points. There were plenty of great storylines and guest stars even into the ninth and final season. On the other hand, there were parts of the show that she liked less than others.

Judy’s Least Favorite Part of The Waltons

For Judy Norton, the seasons in which her character grew up, got married, and moved away were her least favorite. About this, she said, “It was tougher for me because I didn’t get to be in as many scenes around the house.” She says she felt like the goings-on in the Walton household were an important part of the show. So, she felt like she was really missing out by not being there.

Judy Norton then admitted that she felt bad for her on-screen husband when he was sent off to war and got killed. However, she was glad to get back into the house and be “part of the ongoing dynamics of the house.”