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‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Explains the Different Sets Used in ‘The Car’ Episode

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

In the latest installment of her popular behind-the-scenes of “The Waltons” video series, actress Judy Norton shared details about an episode from the show’s second season. The Mary Ellen Walton actress posted this video to her YouTube channel on July 1.

“Today I’m going to be talking about the episode from season two – ‘The Car’ – when John-Boy gets his car after quite a bit of drama,” Norton said.

The sets used in this episode of “The Waltons” are just one of the topics Norton covered in this installment of her video series. In discussing these sets, she gives fans a look into how the series was filmed.

On of the scenes Norton discusses from this episode takes place on the front porch of the family’s home. According to the actress, scenes set on the porch could be filmed in two different locations.

“Scenes on the front porch of the Waltons were sometimes shot on the backlot,” Norton said. And sometimes, they were shot on the sound stage where we did have a recreation of the front porch, actually in front of where the facade of that set piece was on Stage 26.”

For “The Car” episode of “The Waltons,” the porch scene was filmed on the stage.

“In this case, this scene would have been shot on Stage 26, because as you see here, the beginning of the shot we’re shooting through the window,” Norton explained. “And you can actually see into the living room. … So based on that, when the camera moves, we’re clearly still on the sound stage. If you had not been able to see into the living room, then there was more likelihood that that might have been shot on the backlot of the studio.”

Judy Norton Said Other Scenes From ‘The Car’ Episode Of ‘The Waltons’ Were Filmed On The Warner Brothers’ Lot

As part of the plot of this episode of “The Waltons,” John-Boy and his father, John, visit a home. This home is where the car John-Boy wants to acquire is located.

“This particular location, I’m not quite sure where it was,” Judy Norton said. “I’m pretty positive it was someplace on the Warner Brothers’ lot. But, that sort of house in the background that looks like either a two-story house or that it’s slightly up the hill, isn’t a spot on the lot that I’m real familiar with. So, I don’t remember where it was.”

Another location used in the episode was the Rudge house.

“The Rudge house is another house that was on the backlot,” Norton said. “I recognize some of the rock formations around the house, but I’m not exactly sure. I have a feeling this was shot across from where Godsey’s store is. That area was often used for different things. … So around that area, there were rocks and things like that. Fake rocks, basically, and quite often different sorts of sets were created in that area. …”

You can watch Judy Norton talk about “The Waltons” below. Her comments about the sets used in “The Car” episode come at the beginning of the video.