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‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Explains How the Character Jonesy Developed a Relationship With John-Curtis

by Quentin Blount
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Father’s Day this year was made even more special for fans of the classic television show, The Waltons, thanks to Judy Norton.

You probably remember Judy Norton thanks to her time playing Mary-Ellen Walton on the popular 1970’s show. Norton rose to fame while portraying the role of Mary-Ellen on both the TV show and its subsequent TV movies.

There’s no doubt that The Waltons is widely viewed as one of the best shows of its time. As a matter of fact, Judy Norton and her fellow Waltons cast members are still popular to this day. Norton even has her very own YouTube channel where she answers fan questions and discusses topics near and dear to her heart. That is exactly what she did in a recent Father’s Day upload where she discusses the Walton fathers.

She spoke specifically about the character Arlington Wescott Jones III — otherwise known as “Jonesy” (played by Richard Gilliland) — and how he became a great stepfather to John-Curtis. In the show, Jonesy is the husband of Mary-Ellen Walton and a stepfather to John-Curtis Willard. He is also a father to Clay Jones and Katie Jones.

Jonesy and Mary-Ellen got married in the reunion movie on Mother’s Day on Walton’s Mountain.

“Mary-Ellen married again to Jonesy, played by Richard Gilliland,” Norton says in the video. “And Jonesy became a stepfather to John Curtis. I loved the relationship between these two.”

Judy Norton Says That Jonesy Was a Wonderful Role Model on ‘The Waltons’

Richard Gilliland’s character Jonesy was only in two episodes of the ninth season. But that didn’t stop him from making a big impact on The Waltons. Judy Norton went into detail about how Jonesy was a terrific role model to her son.

“He was very playful with John-Curtis and always willing to teach him, but to have fun,” she said. “He believed in that balance. Here in [the episode] ‘The Whirlwind,’ he convinces Mary-Ellen and John-Curtis to have a picnic with him. And then in one of the reunion movies, he and a slightly more grown-up John-Curtis, get all dressed up to go have their picture taken as a gift for Mother’s day for Mary-Ellen.”

The character of Jonesy first appeared in an episode titled ‘The Whirlwind.’

“In that same episode, we see Jonesy taking care of a calf,” Norton explained. “John-Curtis comes in and Jonesy is very happy to share and answer questions about what he’s doing and about the care of animals. He was a wonderful mentor and role model for John-Curtis as he was getting older. So, a great addition to the Walton family.”

You can watch Judy Norton’s entire Father’s Day video down below:

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