‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Opens Up about the Food That Was Served During Food Scenes

by Clayton Edwards

The Waltons ran for nine years and spawned as many made-for-TV movies. Judy Norton was there for all of it. She played Mary Ellen Walton. As the eldest daughter, she played a big part in the show. At the same time, she was old enough to remember most of what she saw while working on the series and the subsequent movies.

Currently, Judy Norton shares her memories with fans of the classic television show. She runs a web series on her YouTube channel. In that series, she sits down and takes fans back in time. Norton gives fans information that they can’t find anywhere else. After all, she was right in the middle of the Walton Mountain action. So, she has some of the best stories related to the classic series.

Judy Norton does a few different types of episodes. Sometimes she will dig deep into a single episode. For instance, she talked at length about “The Obsession,” the episode where Mary Ellen gets hooked on painkillers. Sometimes, she will pull back the curtain on a broad topic related to the show. At one point, she told her fans all about the costumes they wore for the series.

In the most recent installment of her web series, Judy Norton opened up about the food they ate on the set.

Judy Norton Talks about Food on The Waltons

Judy Norton said that the cast of The Waltons ate together often. In fact, she said that it seemed as though they spent more time in the kitchen than in any other set of the series. They would spend about a week shooting each episode. At least one of those days was full of scenes in the kitchen. So, they would be at the table all day long. Luckily, they had some good food to eat while they were there.

For instance, Judy Norton said that breakfasts usually consisted of eggs, biscuits, and either ham, bacon, or sausage. Every now and then, she said, they would have oatmeal. That was much less common than bacon, eggs, and biscuits, though.

Judy Norton said that dinner was the biggest meal for the Walton family. They would have things like fried chicken, soup, or stew. If they had soup or stew, they would also have a loaf of thick-sliced homemade bread on the side. For other meals, they ate things like mashed potatoes and vegetables on the side.

According to Norton, lunch wasn’t a big meal for the cast of The Waltons. This, she pointed out, was because they seldom ate lunch as a family unit. Sometimes, a handful of characters would come in for lunch, though. When that happened, they would usually eat soup or sandwiches.