‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Reveals Her Favorite Mary Ellen Costumes

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Brian To/FilmMagic)

Actress Judy Norton is continuing to take fans of “The Waltons” behind the scenes of the show. She is doing so through videos she posts to her YouTube channel.

Norton covers a variety of topics related to the beloved family drama in her videos. She talks about the characters and what it was like on the set. In a video posted on March 4, 2021, the Mary Ellen Walton actress goes into detail about the costumes used on the show.

Turns out, just like most of us do in real life, Norton had some clothing that she preferred over the others that she wore on “The Waltons.”

“I did have my favorite outfits that I liked to wear when the Waltons were having – going to a special party or Mary Ellen had something special she was doing,” Norton said. “A couple in particular of my favorites is this pink dress that I wore in ‘The Whirlwind’ episode when I’m saying goodbye – or I think I’m saying goodbye – to Jonesy. I just, I love the shape of it and I love the slightly, the flared skirt. I just thought that was a very flattering fashion on women. And so, I was very happy to be able to wear this.”

She also liked a dress she wore in an episode that included a holiday celebration.

“Also, this lovely peach dress that I’m here in this episode, ‘The Spirit,’ when we’re celebrating Christmas. I really enjoy this dress too,” she also said. “So, they were my favorites over the years.”

Turns out, Judy Norton didn’t just like the dresses she wore on “The Waltons.” There were other parts of the costumes that she enjoyed, as well as the clothes other characters wore.

“Some of the hats were a lot of fun,” Norton said. “I also love the fashion that some of the other women in the show got to wear.”

The actress said she particularly liked the clothes worn by the Baldwin sisters on “The Waltons.” She said these women were dressed in “fabulous clothes.”

“And theirs were not always quite up to current fashion because they were from a different era,” Norton also said of the Baldwin sisters. “So, their clothing always evoked an earlier time period.”

Judy Norton Said Female Member of ‘The Waltons’ Cast Had a Wider Variety of Wardrobe Choices Than the Men

The female members of the cast had a wider variety of fashions to choose from in comparison to the men, according to Judy Norton.

“The boys had less option,” she also said. “They went from knickers to long pants.”

In addition to the pretty dresses she wore on “The Waltons,” the actress occasionally also got to wear different attire.

“I, of course, started in overalls a lot. And, those were always fun because they were really comfortable. I wore jeans at times,” she explained. “So the boys, because they were working in the mill and stuff, a lot of jeans and just shirts, button-up shirts. People didn’t wear T-shirts. Some characters in the show did. But, there was definitely research that went in into it. And, they did do their best to keep it period to that time.”

You can watch Judy Norton talk about the costumes used on “The Waltons” below. Her comments about her favorite costumes begin around the 6:30 mark of the video.