‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Reveals an Interesting Detail About Making Ice Cream in ‘The Conflict’

by Keeli Parkey

“The Conflict” episode of “The Waltons” was one filled with, well, conflict. It was an episode that saw the drama surrounding the eviction of Martha Corrine and her family from their backwoods home. It also saw John-Boy Walton get shot during a standoff with government officials.

However, according to Mary Ellen Walton actress Judy Norton, there were some moments of levity in this episode. She talked about that moment during one of her “Behind the Scenes of ‘The Waltons'” videos posted to her YouTube channel.

During “The Conflict,” Mary Ellen and others go out into the woods and harvest some tasty fruit. These leads them to make another very tasty treat.

“Because we have picked all these blackberries and because we do say that Martha Corrine’s blackberries make the best ice cream, there was a whole sequence where you actually see them making this ice cream,” Norton recalled.

Judy Norton Said Making Ice Cream on ‘The Waltons’ ‘Seemed Like an Awful Lot of Work’

Getting to make ice cream on the set of the show was a new experience for Judy Norton.

“I had no idea,” she said. “I had never made homemade ice cream.”

In fact, she was surprised at just how much work went into making the refreshing dessert.

“And, it’s quite a process,” she said. “Some of you may know that, but I was amazed and it seemed like an awful lot of work.”

Unsurprisingly, the cast of “The Waltons” didn’t let the ice cream they made on the show go to waste.

“We did get to sample ice cream afterwards,” Judy Norton said. “So, there’s a whole scene afterwards when the ice cream’s been made and we are eating that ice cream. And, I did enjoy that.”

You can watch Judy Norton talk about “The Conflict” episode below. Her comments making ice cream during the episode begin around the five-minute mark of the video.

Mary Ellen, Others Take Shelter in a Tree During Episode

Another lighthearted moment in “The Conflict” episode of “The Waltons” involved Judy Norton’s character Mary Ellen and other girls getting scared by pigs. They avoid the animals by climbing up a tree.

“It was a very cute segment when the girls are out picking blackberries and they are chased by these feisty pigs. And they seem really aggressive,” Norton recalled. “And the girls find themselves climbing up a tree and getting out of the reach of these pigs. They’re not quite sure how long they’re going to have to hang around up in this tree.”

Eventually, a few of the Walton boys come along and they help the girls escape from those “feisty pigs.” However, the girls don’t get away without the boys letting them know their thoughts on the situation.

“So (the boys) think that that’s hysterical and get a really good laugh out of that and tease us mercilessly,” Judy Norton said. “… I thought it was a really cute sequence.”