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‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Reveals ‘Typical’ Ronnie Claire Edwards Incident While Filming the Show

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Will And Deni McIntyre/Getty Images)

While she was playing Mary Ellen on “The Waltons,” actress Judy Norton faced a very serious situation. Luckily for her, one of her costars used her sense of humor to help Norton feel better about things.

Norton talked about this during December 2020 in one of her popular “Behind the Scenes of ‘The Waltons'” videos posted on her YouTube channel.

“One incident that happened in my life that was typical of Ronnie Claire (Edwards),” Norton shared. “It’s a long story that I won’t go into at this point, but basically, I had had in my life an extortion attempt and a bomb threat. It’s all fine, obviously, I’m here. But, there was a period – about a 12-hour period – where a lot of things happened. The police were involved, bomb-sniffing dog.”

In the midst of all this stress, Judy Norton had to travel out of town for work.

“And the next morning I was flying out to do a publicity event in Indiana. So I had an early flight. It all resolved in the early hours of the morning. Everything was fine, but I had to get to the airport. And I knew that this was something that was going to hit the press,” Norton recalled. “So I called my mom on the way to the airport to let her know, look, you’re going to hear this. You’re not going to be able to reach me. I’m going to be on an airplane, but everything’s fine.”

After Bomb Scare Judy Norton Returned to the Set of ‘The Waltons’ – And to a Funny Joke by Ronnie Claire Edwards

As fans of “The Waltons” are most likely aware, Ronnie Claire Edwards played Corabeth Godsey on the popular family drama. When Judy Norton returned to the set following her bomb scare drama, Edwards was waiting there with a joke that really made Norton laugh.

“When I came back from that trip and went into work the next week – and it had hit UPI and Associated Press. Ronnie Claire, in typical fashion, was like, ‘Well, some people will do anything for publicity,'” Norton recounted with a laugh. “I mean, it cracked me up – as it was meant to. So I always loved that about Ronnie Claire.”

In addition to Ronnie Claire’s sense of humor, Judy Norton loved many other things about her costar on “The Waltons.”

“She always had these wonderful parties with all these eclectic, eccentric sort of people. And they were always fascinating – to see this collection of people,” Norton said. “That, to me, epitomized old-school Hollywood parties, just the personalities that were there. I always really enjoyed Ronnie Claire’s parties.”

According to Norton, Edwards was a very interesting person away from a television set.

“She moved back to Texas in her later years. Bought some sort of a church, I believe it was, and renovated it into where she lived. That was her home, which I thought, again, eccentric in the way that Ronnie Claire was,” Norton also shared.

You can watch Judy Norton talk about her relationship with Ronnie Claire Edwards below. Her comments about the funny joke Edwards made about her stressful incident begin around the 8-minute mark of the video.