‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Reveals the Unique Celebrity Autographs She’s Collected Over the Years

by John Jamison
(Photo by Brian To/FilmMagic)

Believe it or not, celebrities ask for other celebrities’ autographs on occasion. And why wouldn’t they? They’re only human, after all. Many were fans of other people’s work before they became famous themselves. It’s not like that fandom disappears once they make it big. And “The Waltons” star Judy Norton is the perfect example. She has built up an interesting collection of autographs over the years.

There is almost something wholesome about a celebrity asking another celebrity for an autograph. It’s humanizing in a way. And Judy Norton’s feelings about asking for them are very relatable. If you’ve ever asked someone for an autograph, especially out of the proper context, the exchange can be a bit awkward. Some people see the request as an invasion of their personal space.

“The Waltons” star talked about why she doesn’t ask for them all that often in a video she uploaded to her YouTube channel recently.

“Occasionally I have asked for an autograph. I don’t do it very often. Oddly, I’m always self-conscious to do that. I don’t know why, but I feel just feel self-conscious about asking people.”

So where did her collection come from? Conveniently, many of them came from autograph shows where “The Waltons” cast was featured alongside the casts of other hit TV shows.

“Then sometimes there will be an opportunity to have a photo taken or get other actors and performers that I admire, to get them to sign a photo. I know we did that at one point with some of the original members from ‘Batman,'” Norton continued.

So Which Celebrities Made ‘The Walton’ Star’s Autograph Cut?

Judy Norton made a point of saying that she can be just as much a fan of someone as anybody else. And the industry in which she made a career puts her in a position to brush shoulders with many of the people she admires.

Throughout the YouTube video, images of “The Waltons” star’s autograph collection appear on the screen. A big name from the 1950s era of Hollywood, Karl Malden, tops the list. He was an Oscar-winning actor from “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Norton was also fortunate enough to have the entire cast of the classic sitcom “Good Times” sign a photo for her. Then, there’s a heartwarming photo of nearly the entire “The Waltons” cast flanking the inimitable William Shatner with his autograph across the middle.

Next, the cast of the original “Batman.” These included the likes of Adam West himself, Burt Ward, and Lee Meriwether.

Judy Norton boasts a strong autograph collection. With her biggest flex being the fact that she appears in the photos with many of the celebrities. Some even wrote her personal messages.