‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Opens Up About Working With Verdie Grant Actress Lynn Hamilton

by Keeli Parkey

During a segment of her popular “Behind the Scenes of ‘The Waltons’” series, actress Judy Norton discussed the episode titled “The Scholar.”

A few of the details the Mary Ellen Walton actress shared in this February 2021 video had to do with one of the guest stars who appeared in that episode. That guest star was actress Lynn Hamilton.

“‘The Scholar’ introduced the character of Verdie Grant and played by the fabulous Lynn Hamilton,” Norton said. “Lynn had quite an extensive acting career before she came to join us on ‘The Waltons.’ And we were very fortunate to have her.”

According to Norton, Hamilton appeared on a very famous television sitcom. And another famous drama.

“Many of you may remember her as a series regular on ‘Sanford and Son,'” Norton said. “She also was in the ‘Roots: Next Generation’ …”

Judy Norton Also Praised Another of Her Costars on ‘The Waltons’

While talking about working with Lynn Hamilton on “The Waltons,” Judy Norton also talked about what it was like to work with the actor who played Verdie Grant’s husband.

“Many of you may remember also Hal Williams, who came in later to play Harley Foster who marries Verdie Grant,” Norton said. “And then they end up adopting a son and Harley already has a son. So, it was just a lovely family that recurred over the course of the series.”

According to IMDb, Lynn Hamilton appeared in 17 episodes of “The Waltons.” However, when the character of Verdie Grant first appeared on the show, this was not the plan.

“I believe originally the character of Verdie was only meant to be in this one episode, but it was such a strong character and gave so many options for wonderful storylines,” Norton said. “So, those two characters ultimately did recur and we were so fortunate to have them.”

“The Scholar” aired in 1973.

Norton Said She ‘Loved Working’ Alongside Hamilton and Williams

Getting two work alongside Lynn Hamilton and Hal Williams on “The Waltons” was a joy for Judy Norton.

“And I just loved working with both Lynn and with Hal and have stayed in touch with them over the years,” she said. “They have both attended a number of ‘Walton’ gatherings that we’ve had, reunions, and always such lovely, kind, generous, warm-hearted people, funny, and just so easy and so gracious to work with. So, I’m so grateful that John McGreevey introduced this character and that we were fortunate enough to have her and, then later, Harley on the show.”

Working on “The Waltons” was not the only time Hamilton and Williams were in the same cast.

“Of course, Hal Williams was also in ‘Sanford and Son’ with Lynn Hamilton. So, they had an opportunity to work together multiple times over the years,” Norton also said.

You can watch Judy Norton discuss working with Lynn Hamilton on “The Waltons” below. Norton’s comments about her costar come at the beginning of the video.