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‘The Waltons’: Kami Cotler Doesn’t Think Upcoming Reboot Movie is ‘Replacing Anything’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The Waltons are coming back, folks. If you hadn’t heard, November 28, on The CW, The Waltons: Homecoming hits the small screen.

The reboot movie has been highly talked about as of late. Lots of former cast members of the show from the 1970s spoke to Fox News about it. Kami Cotler said, “I don’t think anyone is replacing anything.” This is less of a movie that replaces the show so many folks loved back in the day and more of a celebration. They want folks to remember the good times of the show, not make you forget about them. It’s about appreciating the old while adding some new fans in the process.

Cotler continued, “I think the reboot is honoring the timelessness and beauty of Earl Hamner’s story. Moreover, if people want to see more programs like ‘The Waltons’ on TV today, then I recommend they give The CW’s ‘Homecoming’ a chance. It’s the way to let Hollywood know there is a market for family programming.”

There is indeed an appetite for a show like this to return. If there wasn’t, it’s hard to see the CW wanting to bring it back. Cotler believes Hollywood is overlooking an important market on television. The family-friendly market. This is another reason one should not look at the reboot as something that is positioned against the old program.

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Another former cast member, Mary McDonough said, “I haven’t seen it yet, but I am looking forward to watching.” She continued, “I hear lovely things about the new ’Homecoming.’ Looking forward to seeing the new ‘Erin.’ Many Walton fans have asked me for years why there isn’t a show like ‘The Waltons’ to share with their kids. Now there is. I think it’s time for a fresh family show.”

Cotler is not alone in her suspicions about why The Waltons is returning to the CW as a TV movie. There is a void in Hollywood for a family-friendly series to return, similar to what Candace Cameron-Bure saw with Fuller House, there may be a huge demographic not being properly served. One could imagine there is a natural crossover over fans there and the folks that grew up watching the show would love to sit down and watch a reboot with their children. The reboot is an opportunity to do something for those fans of the first iteration and to build out new ones.

We will find out if The Waltons: Homecoming is a success by any future projects. Still, it is nice to see former cast members sign on for the product and hope that it does well. The Waltons: Homecoming will air on the CW on November 28, where Richard Thomas will return, this time as a narrator for the movie.