‘The Waltons’: Mary Ellen Actress Judy Norton Addressed Her ‘Missing Children’ in the Series

by Quentin Blount

One actress from the popular 1970’s television series The Waltons opened up about some of the inconsistencies in the show’s reunion movies.

There is little doubt that Judy Norton is best remembered today for her role as Mary Ellen in The Waltons. Norton played Mary Ellen in both the show and in the various other Waltons film productions. And because The Waltons was so popular back in the day, Norton has amassed a huge following of loyal fans.

As a result, the actress regularly takes to the internet to talk about her time on the show. She also makes it a point to answer questions that her fans may have in a YouTube segment called, “Ask Judy.” In one of those videos, Norton sheds light on the “missing children” in The Waltons specials. She says that she has gotten questions about that a lot.

“In the later seasons, the inconsistencies about my children,” the actress says. “That I couldn’t have anymore children and then suddenly I have two more children.”

“John Curtis was never spoken about as to where he was or what happened to him,” she continues. “Ben and Cindy’s children that one of them just went ‘poof’ and the other one supposedly died but we never said why.”

You can watch the entire “Ask Judy” segment down below:

‘The Waltons’ Actress Says That the Higher-Ups Called the Shots

Judy Norton said that it wasn’t just fans who were confused at first. It must have been a shock for the cast as well when they first got the scripts.

“When we got those scripts and we saw all of that it was very confusing for the cast, too,” she admits. “And we actually did, to the degree that we were able to, reached out and said, ‘these are inaccurate and this is what really happened.'”

But, The Waltons star says that the producers, writers, and network executives agreed the changes to the story wouldn’t be a big deal.

“Basically the response we got was, ‘Oh, no one will remember. No one will notice.’ But we know our fans. We know that they will notice.”

It sounds like if she had her way, things may have went down a little differently for The Waltons reunion specials. But in the end, she says, the actors are there to act.

“As an actor, we can say things but it’s not up to us,” Norton said. “We don’t have final say on anything.”

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