‘The Waltons’: Mary Ellen Actress Judy Norton Reveals Behind the Scenes Detail of the Attic in ‘The Ceremony’ Episode

by Katie Maloney

Can you recognize this house used in “The Waltons” episode titled “The Ceremony”?

They don’t call it “Behind-the-Scenes With Judy Norton,” for nothing. Judy Norton truly does reveal both onscreen and offscreen secrets about “The Waltons,” and we’re here for it!

In her most recent episode, Norton talked about the episode titled “The Ceremony.” During this episode, the Waltons welcome newcomers to the mountain. John Boy, played by Richard Thomas, and the rest of the Waltons kids help young Paul Mann realize his goal to have his Bar Mitzvah. Interesting fact: Paul’s mother is played by Will Geer’s (Grandpa Walton) real-life daughter, Ellen Geer. But that’s not the only detail Norton revealed during her video. She also said that the Mann house on the show was actually just a redecorated Walton’s house.

“Another interesting point of logistics is when John-Boy goes up to the attic of the Mann house, and they come up these stairs and into the attic. That is actually, I went ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute, that is the Walton’s house! That is the access from our stairs coming up to our supposed bedrooms and up to our attic. So, a very familiar set that they just redecorated. But, it looks awfully similar, doesn’t it?” Norton said.

Judy Norton talks about “The Waltons” episode titled “The Ceremony”

Judy Norton Would Hang Out On ‘The Waltons’ Set Even On Her Off Days

During the same video, Norton talked about several bloopers she remembered she and cast partaking in while filming the episode. She said that she wished that she had the bloopers to show fans. It sounds like “The Waltons” family had quite a bit of fun both on and off-screen. So much fun that Judy Norton hung out on the set of the show even when she wasn’t filming any scenes.

Hey, we get it. What kid wouldn’t want to hang out on the set of an iconic television show every day? During another episode of her video series, Norton explained why she loved spending time on “The Waltons” set.

“I always thought the treehouse was a fun set. It actually was erected in that tree. And there were multiple episodes where we were up in the treehouse or things happened in the treehouse,” said Norton. “Not only did we use it when we were filming in it, but also sometimes we would just go up there for fun in our offtime.”

So, now when you watch “The Waltons” you know where she was anytime you don’t see Judy Norton on screen.