‘The Waltons’: Mary Ellen Actress Judy Norton Reveals a ‘Fascinating’ Fact About Grandpa’s Statue

by Anna Dunn

The Waltons may be long over, but fans are still learning new things about the show. Mary-Ellen actress Judy Norton recently went in-depth about Grandpa’s statue. In a recent episode of her YouTube series called Behind the Scenes of The Waltons. In an episode aptly titled The Statue, Grandpa wins his statue in a raffle. Problems ensue when Grandma gets hurt, feeling like the statue looks like Grandpa’s ex-girlfriend.

While the massive statue looks legit in the show, Norton revealed that the statue was made of incredibly light material. The statue was quite easy to carry. It’s quite the challenge for actors to act like something is heavier than it is. Norton found it fascinating to watch her co-stars do that difficult physical work.

“I believe it was made of some styrofoam substance,” she said, “so it was fascinating to me to watch Richard and Ralph and John struggle with the weight of moving the statue.” The actors didn’t just have to move it around once. They had to frequently fake struggle with the styrofoam prop.

“The statue gets moved around a lot. It seems to be moved around fairly easily but in this case, it looks very heavy. So I loved how they created that illusion of it being so heavy.”

‘The Waltons’ Cast Experienced an Issue With The Statue When they Threw it In the Water

The episode ends with the family electing to throw the statue in the pond, giving her an effective burial at water, but there was quite the issue.

“What I remember about this is that they launched the statue over the bridge. You do not see them lifting it onto that railing there because it would have been really heavy and awkward to do that if it was really stone,” she said. But that’s not even where the problems started.

“When it went into the water, I seem to remember an outtake in our blooper reels because it floated,” she laughed.” Because it was a light substance so it did not sink. “It then cut away to [something] actually sinking in the water. I don’t remember what they dropped in there to create that but I remember the bloopers of it floating around on the surface.”

Hopefully, someone can find that hilarious blooper somewhere. Fans would certainly love to see it. Many have been enjoying a now-grown Judy Norton talking about her time on the series on her youtube channel. The actress frequently engages in Q&A sessions as well as takes an episode-by-episode look at the series. If you’re interested in The Waltons, or just how TV production worked back then in general, it’s definitely a fun series to check out.