‘The Waltons’: Mary Ellen Actress Judy Norton Reveals ‘Staple’ Menu Items for Food Scenes

by Clayton Edwards

Fans of The Waltons remember Judy Norton as Mary Ellen Walton. She played the oldest Walton girl for the entirety of the classic show. Then, she reprised her role in the reunions and movies. So, she has a wide range of knowledge about the classic family drama.

Judy Norton isn’t keeping all of that precious Waltons knowledge to herself these days. Instead, she started a web series on her YouTube channel. She posts regular videos in which she shares stories about her time on the show. Sometimes, she goes in-depth into a single episode. Other times, she will talk about broader topics related to the inner workings of the series. For instance, she once spoke at length about the show’s wardrobes.

However, it doesn’t matter what kind of episode she is doing, one thing remains the same. Judy Norton always gives small pieces of information that fans of the classic show aren’t going to find anywhere else on the internet.

In the latest installment of her web series, Judy Norton talked at length about food on the show. At one point she discussed the staple menu items that the cast ate during dining scenes. So, if you’ve ever wondered what the Walton family was eating, read below to find out.

Judy Norton On The Waltons‘ Menu Staples

Judy Norton said that the menu on The Waltons varied from episode to episode. However, there were a few items that were fairly common. “We had fried chicken,” Norton said, “That was kind of a staple.” Judy added that sometimes the property department made the chicken in the hidden working kitchen. However, they would also bring in KFC from time to time. Chicken wasn’t the only thing on the menu, though.

“Sometimes we had things like stew or soup with bread. There was oftentimes a loaf of bread that would have been homemade, and so, thick-sliced.” Then, Judy Norton went on to discuss the sides they had on a regular basis. “Frequently, we had mashed potatoes,” she recalled before adding a humorous bit of behind-the-scenes info. “I remember people hiding peas in the mashed potatoes,” she laughed. Then, she added that it was a common occurrence.

So, it sounds like the Walton clan ate exactly what you would expect a rural family to eat. They enjoyed good old-fashioned home cooking. That is when the property department didn’t bring in food from a restaurant or store and heat it up. Either way, it sounds like they were eating good up on Walton Mountain.

Judy Norton went on to say that the food they ate was up to the property department. The only real exception to that was when the meal played into the plot of the show. For instance, when they had holiday episodes, the cast would eat a classic holiday meal together.