‘The Waltons’: One Frequent Guest Star on the Series Went On To Play a Major Role in ‘The Young and the Restless’

by Anna Dunn

A frequent guest star on The Waltons, Melody Thomas, who played Darlene, went on to star in The Young and The Restless. She left The Waltons to play Nikki Reed in the hit soap opera. She chose to play Nikki Reed over a role on a sitcom that never got picked up. In The Waltons, Darlene was first played by Debi Richter before Darlene Thomas took over the part.

Judy Norton, who played Mary Ellen on the show, mentioned Thomas during one of her recent youtube videos. Norton has been uploading a series of videos that take a behind-the-scenes look at The Waltons.

“I worked with Melody when we were both young kids,” Norton said. Thankfully, they had a fun time working together yet again. Norton “always loved having her” on the show.

Melody Thomas’s last credit is from a 2014 role in The Crazy Ones, where she played Flora. Meanwhile, Judy Norton frequently uploads informative videos to her youtube channel.

Judy Norton’s Youtube Series Keeps’ The Waltons’ Alive Long after its End

In a series of charming and well-spoken youtube videos called Behind the Scenes of The Waltons, Judy Norton explores and discusses all things related to The Waltons. When she’s not talking about her favorite guest stars like Melody Thomas, she’s talking about her opinions on the plot, behind-the-scenes set facts, or answering questions from fans.

Norton has covered everything from backlot locationsworking with babies, and meeting the family that inspired the show. Norton’s series has shed new and unique light on the classic show. It’s a fun way to keep memories of the show alive long after its end.

Funny enough, even though Norton will talk about The Waltons on camera, she doesn’t like watching the series with other people. “To this day, not easy for me to sit and watch myself. So I get self-conscious if there are other people around, or if the lights are on, or if people are talking or commenting. So that’s just one of my quirks,” she said in one of her videos.

If you’d like a taste of Norton’s fun series on The Waltons, here’s the episode where she talks about working with Melody Thomas. People in the comments seem to love reminiscing over the show and find Norton’s series incredibly valuable. Unlike some video creators, Norton frequently responds to comments.

“Your documented recollections, aside from being entertaining and informative to your audience, are a valuable addition to the archive of television history. I really enjoy them,” one viewer commented. It would be hard to put that any better!