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‘The Waltons’ Producer Believes Remake Will ‘Bring Families Together’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Will And Deni McIntyre/Getty Images)

The Waltons premiered in 1971 and quickly became one of the biggest TV shows in the country. Several things drove the show’s popularity. First and foremost, it was a look back to a simpler time. The series takes place in the 40s when life was much different. This is especially true for a family in rural Appalachia. That look into a simpler time is why the show is still so popular today. It and shows like Little House on the Prairie had an uptick in popularity in 2020 when most Americans wanted to escape from the turmoil of daily life.

Now, the Walton Family is coming back. Like most beloved properties of the past, the classic television show is getting a reboot. However, they aren’t going directly to a revamped series. Instead, they’re starting where the original series started: with a Christmas special. The reboot of The Waltons’ Homecoming will hit the CW on November 28th, just in time to add it to your Christmas watchlist. So, mark your calendar and get the family together. It’s almost time to return to the Mountain.  

Sam Haskell served as executive producer on the Christmas special. In a chat with Deadline, he said that he hopes it will inspire togetherness. To do that, they’ll be putting “faith and family and hope and joy” front and center, much like the original iterations of the series and films. Haskell said he believes that’s what our world needs right now. He went on to say that he knows families sitting down to watch something together is rare these days. However, he hopes The Walton’s Homecoming will be different. “This is the kind of program that can bring an entire family together.”

‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’ Features an Original Cast Member

Richard Thomas, who played John Boy in The Waltons during its original run is involved in the reboot. Obviously, he won’t be reprising his former role. Instead, he will serve as the movie’s narrator. So, fans of the original show will get to hear John Boy narrate the whole story. It’s interesting because the stories in the series and movies are told from John Boy’s perspective. So, this reboot will have that extra layer of history for nostalgic fans.

Like the original series, Haskell hopes that The Waltons’ Homecoming will be the beginning of a whole new franchise featuring the iconic family. He told Deadline that if fans enjoy what they’ve made and the CW greenlights more installments, he’d love to have more members of the original cast involved.

“I want to bring every original cast member in as a guest – to play a teacher or a nurse or a doctor. I want to integrate the original cast into the series and future movies.”