‘The Waltons’ Reboot: Mary Ellen Actor Reveals Favorite Part of Filming

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The Waltons are coming back to the small screen. So, if you were a fan of the original show or just want to enjoy some wholesome family entertainment, you’re in luck. The return of the classic show mirrors its debut. First, they released The Homecoming. It was a made-for-TV Christmas film that introduced the world to the iconic Appalachian family. Then, they rolled out the series that ran for nine seasons through the seventies.

The Waltons’ Homecoming airs this Sunday, November 28th on the CW. The cast and crew hope the remake of the Christmas classic will get families together in front of the television once again. Leading up to the big day, CW released a video showing some behind-the-scenes footage as well as interviews with some members of the cast. At one point, Marcelle LeBlanc, who plays the eldest Walton daughter, Mary Ellen, discussed her favorite part of filming the reboot.

“My favorite part of filming has been getting to meet the cast and crew and really form that family and that bond on set,” LeBlanc said about working on The Waltons’ Homecoming.

‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’: Is History Repeating Itself?

It seems that history is repeating itself with this reboot of The Waltons’ Homecoming. It’s more than just the fact that they’re rebooting the classic special and hoping to land a series. For one, the culture in which the special is being released is similar. When the Christmas special first aired in 1971, the country was divided. We could say the same about the nation today.

LeBlanc’s comments echo those of Judy Norton, the original Mary Ellen Walton. Recently, Norton spoke about her time on The Waltons and how close she was with members of the cast and crew. According to her, the cast and crew built close relationships over the years.

Additionally, both Norton and LeBlanc had a handful of small roles before The Waltons. Norton was in Felony Squad and Hotel before she was Mary Ellen, according to IMDb. Likewise, LeBlanc appeared in Stranger Things, Fear Street Part Two, and a few others, according to IMDb.

Judy Norton went on to play Mary Ellen for nine seasons of The Waltons after her initial appearance. Additionally, she reprised the role for the other made-for-TV movies featuring the iconic family. The role launched her career and she’s still working in the film industry after all these years. Could we see LeBlanc’s career taking the same trajectory? It’s very possible.

It seems that all the stars have aligned and the time is right for the Waltons to usher in a new era of wholesome family entertainment.

Be sure to catch The Waltons’ Homecoming Sunday, November 28th at 8/7c on the CW. It will join the rest of the network’s streaming library the next day.