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‘The Waltons’ Star Richard Thomas Explains Why He Wants Reboot Movie to Be Successful

by Chase Thomas
(Original Caption) Closeup of actor Richard Thomas in scene with rifle from the television series The Waltons undated publicity handout.

The Waltons was a classic show in the early 1970s. Now, with The Waltons: Homecoming debuting on television on November 28, the anticipation of its return is strong. One might wonder how members of the original program feel about the TV movie and whether or not they do indeed want it to succeed. You can understand both perspectives on the matter, but Richard Thomas, star of the original show, is hopeful and wants fans to give it a chance.

Thomas said, “My opinion is that ‘The Waltons’ is a 50-year-old classic.” Thomas is right to point out that regardless of how the homecoming unfolds, the original show will remain a classic.

Thomas continued, “Classics are eventually adapted, updated, remade and reexamined. I’m just happy that our show is in that category, and I hope the new version finds its audience as ours did in 1971. Good luck to them.”

A classic getting a reboot usually does mean the original is still popular enough to warrant that kind of investment. This is not the case for every program, but The Waltons is a classic that warranted a reboot in the eyes of Hollywood. If not, this project does not get off the ground. His gesture is classy as he wants both programs to succeed and keep fans of the original happy while also bringing in new fans.

Will Richard Thomas Be Involved?

Thomas will have a role in the TV movie after all. Thomas, who starred as Jon Boy Walton in the original program, will be the narrator this time around as the former narrator has passed away in Earl Hamner Jr.

The TV movie reboot will not only star Thomas, but it will also include actors Marcelle LeBlanc, Bellamy Young, and Ben Lawson.

The show did not immediately become a hit in the early seventies. It took until season two before it really made it big in the ratings department. By that point, it was no. 2 in ratings for a series in all of that particular primetime slot.

More Former Stars of ‘The Waltons’ Speak

This is not the first former star of The Waltons to comment on the TV movie coming to the CW. The fifth child from the first version of the show, Erin, played by Mary McDonough, also spoke up recently about the reboot. Like Thomas, she hopes for the best.

McDonough said, “Many ‘Walton’ fans have asked me for years why there isn’t a show like ‘The Waltons’ to share with their kids. Now there is. I think it’s time for a fresh family show.” From her perspective, this gives a new generation of kids and their families to watch a family-friendly event together. Fans from the earlier version have ostensibly been longing for a fresh take on the family from the mountains of Virginia and now they will get one on November 28 on the CW.