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‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Explains Why She Missed an Episode

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The Waltons star Judy Norton recently explained why she missed an episode. Norton has been making a series about the hit classic called Behind The Scenes of The Waltons. In the series, the Mary Ellen Walton actress takes a look back at how the show was made and gives her opinion on certain episodes. She also gives fans plenty of insights about Mary Ellen.

Additionally, Norton has a series where fans are able to ask questions. When a fan asked why certain people missed episodes, Norton explained that there were a variety of reasons. Sometimes people got sick. Sometimes, schedules just made it impossible. But the reason she missed an episode is quite interesting.

“I know I missed one episode,” she said. “It was around the time of “The Grandchild” so there was a point where they came to me and they just let me know that they didn’t know always the air dates of shows and the airing of the two-part episode of where I had the grandchild, they weren’t sure when CBS wanted to air that. There was the possibility that the one episode they were shooting would happen before the grandchild or not.”

This created quite a conundrum because they didn’t know whether or not Mary Ellen should be pregnant or not in the episode.

“If it aired before, I should be pregnant. If it aired after, I wasn’t supposed to be pregnant. They had one episode where they said ‘We just can’t have you in it. We’re going to write your character out of it so it can air either way,” she continued.

But some other actors may have been in an episode that got later shortened by streaming services and networks to boost ad revenue. Thankfully for Judy Norton, she was simply written out.

‘The Waltons’ Would Film Holiday Episodes During the Summer

The Waltons had an odd filming schedule. On top of not always knowing when episodes would get released, they’d film Christmas episodes in the hot summer months, making the cast wear very uncomfortable sweaters.

“That was a little brutal,” Norton explained. “having all those heavy clothes on for takes, but that’s what you did.”

While some takes happened in summer, they thankfully also shot a lot of those takes in September or October. But being in Los Angeles, that’s still a very uncomfortable time for Winter Holiday-themed filming.

But it seems like, despite the discomfort, the cast didn’t mind much. They were on a show that was incredibly successful at the time and still captures plenty of hearts.

Now, Judy Norton continues to keep the legacy of the show alive in her video series where she engages with plenty of fans and lets them see the show through a whole new lens.

Here’s the episode if you want more inside information on the show: