‘The Waltons’: Why Judy Norton Was ‘Impressed’ With Co-Star Richard Thomas’ ‘Country Boy’ Skills

by Keeli Parkey

In one of her most recent “Behind the Scenes of ‘The Waltons’” videos, actress Judy Norton focused on one specific episode. This episode was titled, “The Conflict.” This video, like her other posts about the show, was shared via her YouTube channel.

The actress played Mary Ellen Walton in the family drama. In addition to sharing the plot of the episode, Norton also talked about her costar Richard Thomas. Thomas played her on-screen brother, John-Boy Walton. Unsurprisingly, Norton had some very good things to say about Thomas.

“I always felt for someone who was raised in the city as Richard Thomas was – he was raised in New York. His parents were dancers. He was raised around the ballet world,” Norton said. “And I thought he always made a very convincing country boy. You know, with chopping wood, cutting down trees, handling an ax, milking cows and goats, and all of that.”

Turns out, her on-screen brother also “impressed” Judy Norton on “The Waltons.”

“I don’t know for those of you who really grew up in the country and did these things from the time you were little, if he’s as convincing to you as he is to me, but for someone else who was raised in the city, I was pretty impressed,” she also said.

‘The Conflict’ Episode of ‘The Waltons’ Includes ‘Intense Scene’ Between John-Boy and Grandpa

Actor Richard Thomas had a serious part to play in “The Conflict” episode of “The Waltons.”

Because of this, he was able to put his acting skills on display as “country boy” John-Boy Walton. The plot of the episode involves the character Martha Corrine and her family. According to Judy Norton, the government is evicting them from their land in the backwoods. Furthermore, members of the Walton family, including Grandpa Zeb, decide to make a stand against the government.

“Grandpa keeps challenging John-Boy because John-Boy is pretty darn set in his not wanting to pick up a gun and actually shoot at the people coming to evict Martha Corrine’s family,” Norton also said.

The Mary Ellen actress also described the situation from Grandpa’s point of view.

“Zeb feels that, you know, you’re a Walton and you defend your kin, you defend the land, and this is what you need to do,” Norton also described.

Having very different viewpoints on the issue, led to a very serious argument between the two Walton men, according to Norton.

“So, there is quite an intense scene here where John-Boy and Grandpa face off,” she also said.

In the end, it is Grandpa who wins the argument.

“And ultimately, John-Boy feels the pressure,” Norton also said, “And when the time comes, he does pick up a gun.”

You can watch Judy Norton talk about “The Conflict” episode of “The Waltons” below. Her comments about Richard Thomas and his “country boy” skills begin around the 6:30 mark of the video.